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Image Artist SongTitle Label Number Grade Defects Min.Bid StoreName
Jimmy Yancey Tell 'Em About Me / The Mellow Blues  HMVE.A. 2997  E/E-   $7.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Bert Williams Ten Little Bottles / Unlucky Blues  ColumbiaA2941  VG+  ndr $5.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Sean Wilentz & Greil Marcus The Rose & the Briar: Death, Love and Liberty in the American Ballad (Hardcover)  Paper Items0-393-05954-5  See Description   $4.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Richard Kostelanetz The B. B. King Companion (Paperback)  Paper Items0-7119-6628-1  See Description   $4.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Mary Stafford Royal Garden Blues / Crazy Blues  ColumbiaA3365  VG++  grn $7.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Bert Williams Ten Little Bottles / Unlucky Blues  ColumbiaA2941  VG+   $5.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Bessie Smith St. Louis Blues / Reckless Blues  ParlophoneA7500  E   $7.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Tommy Ladnier Jelly Roll Blues / Lazy Daddy Blues  Jazz CollectorL21  E :: E/E-   $4.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Alex Hill Stompin' 'Em Down / Tack Head Blues  VocalionV.1027  E+   $14.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Bessie Smith Gulf Coast Blues/Down Hearted Blues  ColumbiaA3844  VG+  hc ,  lam ,  scfs ,  ltscr ,  tol $5.95  Rare78s
Orchestra - Columbia Band / Henry Burr Onward Christian Soldiers / Jesus, Lover of My Soul  AretinoD632  VG+/VG   $5.00  Pure Shellac
Orchestra - Prince's Orchestra the Ghost's Cabaret / Music Store Echoes  AretinoD776  VG/VG-   $5.00  Pure Shellac
Columbia Band / Columbia Band Emmet's Lullaby / Die Wacht am Rhein  AretinoD617  VG+/VG   $10.00  Pure Shellac
Band (Columbia Band) Anona / Jolly Fellows Waltz  AretinoD502  VG+/VG   $5.00  Pure Shellac
Vaudeville (Steve Porter) / Vocal Quartette (Columbia Quartette) Flannigan on a Farm /  AretinoD533  VG :: VG+/VG  stog ,  slt wrp $6.00  Pure Shellac
Columbia Band Under the Double Eagle March / Under Prussian Banner  AretinoA1711  VG+/VG  lam $10.00  Pure Shellac
Glenn Miller and His Orchestra I Know WhyChattanooga Choo Choo  BluebirdB-11230  E-   $5.00  Pure Shellac
Banjo Solo with Orchestra (Vess Ossman) / Lufsky, Stehl and Surth Invinvible Eagle March / Herd Girl's Dream  AretinoD515  VG+/VG   $5.00  Pure Shellac
George Alexander / Henry Burr Abide With Me / Where is My Wandering Boy Tonight?  AretinoD607  VG+/VG   $5.00  Pure Shellac
Orchestra (Vienna Orchestra) / Orchestra (Vienna Orchestra) Kaernthner Liedermarsch / Over The Waves Waltz  AretinoD543  VG+/VG   $5.00  Pure Shellac
Tango Band ? / Beautiful Portenitas  AretinoD769  VG+/VG   $5.00  Pure Shellac
Ted Lewis and His Band Marie / Down the Old Church Aisle  ColumbiaA3538  VG   $4.00  Pure Shellac
Bessie Smith Down Hearted Blues / Gulf Coast Blues  ColumbiaA3844  E++   $14.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Alice Leslie Carter / Jimmie Johnson's Jazz Boys You'll Think Of Me Blues / Carolina Shout  CleartoneC-96  VG   $9.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Group Of Negro Convicts / Willie Williams It Makes A Long Time Man Feel Bad / O Lord, Don' 'Low Me To Beat 'Em  Library Of CongressFM 2  E-  ltscr $14.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Bessie Smith Baby Dool / Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out  ColumbiaDZ 379  E+   $9.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Dixieland Jug Blowers / King Oliver Memphis Shake / Stealing Love  ElectrolaEG 7853  E+   $14.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Bessie Smith Gimme A Pigfoot / Take Me For A Buggy Ride  ParlophoneR2146  E/E-   $8.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Fisk University Male Quartet Shout All Over God's Heaven / Swing Low, Sweet Chariot  ColumbiaA1883  VG+/VG  stog $6.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Leona Williams I'm Goin' Away / Bring It With You When You Come  ColumbiaA3815  VG+/VG  grgrvs ,  ltscr ,  tol $7.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Bert Williams Lonesome Alimony Blues / Save A Little Dram For Me  ColumbiaA2979  VG+  grn ,  grgrvs $7.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Regimental Band of H.M. Grenadier Guards Colonel Bogey On Parade Pts. 1&2  ColumbiaD.X. 939  E-   $4.00  Pure Shellac
Ray Seals And The Commodores Cameo/So Close Yet So Far Away  ImperialImperial  E+/E  scfs $5.95  Rare78s
Eva Taylor with Ben Selvin My Man From Caroline / Still I Love Her  ColumbiaCB 212  VG+  tol $7.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Nazarene Congregational Church Choir Of Brooklyn Joshua Fought De Battle Of Jericho / Bye And Bye  VocalionX-9964  E/E-  grn $9.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Vocalion Race Sleeve One Vocalion Race Sleeve  Paper ItemsR1  See Description   $14.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
QRS Sleeve One QRS Sleeve  Paper ItemsQ1  See Description   $9.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Paramount Race Sleeve One Paramount Race Sleeve  Paper ItemsP1  See Description   $14.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Paramount Race Sleeve One Paramount Race Sleeve  Paper ItemsP2  See Description   $14.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Four Regal Sleeves Four Regal Sleeves  Paper ItemsR4  See Description   $4.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Four Supertone Sleeves Four Supertone Sleeves  Paper ItemsSP4  See Description   $4.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Four Starr Gennett Sleeves Four Starr Gennett Sleeves  Paper ItemsSG4  See Description   $4.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Bessie Smith and Her Down Home Trio Aggravatin Papa/Beale Street Mamma  ColumbiaA3877  VG++  scfs ,  bascr $24.95  Rare78s
Bessie Smith Boby Won't You Please Come Home Blues/Oh Daddy Blues  ColumbiaA3888  VG++  scfs ,  ltscr $19.95  Rare78s
Clara Smith Awful Moanin Blues/I Never Miss The Sunshine  ColumbiaA4000  VG++  grgrvs ,  pdig ,  scfs ,  ltscr $19.95  Rare78s
Derrick Stewart-Baxter Ma Rainey And The Classic Blues Singers (Paperback)  Paper ItemsB0029DEQJM  See Description   $4.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Webb Pierce More and More/You're Not Mine Anymore  Webb Pierceno number  E-   $4.95  Music Room
BOBBY HACKETT and his Orchestra Rose of the Rio Grande / Pennies From Heaven  MotifM 005  E-   $6.99  Really Old Records
Cecil Uto / Fifty-oners Peggy Ann/Honey O' Mine  Atkan1  E  tol $4.95  Music Room
Superior Sleeve One Superior Sleeve  Paper Items1  See Description   $8.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
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