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Image Artist SongTitle Label Number Grade Defects Min.Bid StoreName
Lulu Belle and Scotty That Crazy War / Be Careful Girls  Okeh06103  VG++ :: VG++  rc $5.00  Allen`s 78`s
Riley Puckett Nobody's Business / Put On An Old Pair Of Shoes  Bluebird6103  VG+ :: VG+/VG  grgrvs $9.99  Venerable Music
Robert Lunn Yodeling Blues / I Want Some Candy  Mercury6104  VG+/VG :: VG+/VG  scfs $5.00  Allen`s 78`s
J. E. Mainer's Mountaineers Let Her Go God Bless Her / New Curly Headed Baby  Bluebird6104  VG+/VG   $8.99  Venerable Music
Smith's Sacred Singers We're Living For Jesus / Good Morning In Glory  Bluebird6137  VG+ :: VG++  stog ,  ltstr ,  slt wrp $6.99  Venerable Music
Claude Boone Milk `Em In The Morning Blues / Burglar Man  Mercury6191  VG/VG- :: VG/VG-  bascr ,  ltscr $5.00  Allen`s 78`s
Smith's Sacred Singers Will You Meet Me Up There? / I'll Be Singing 'Round The Throne Some Day  Bluebird6206  VG+  grgrvs $6.99  Venerable Music
J. E. Mainer's Mountaineers / Smith's Sacred Singers The Longest Train / Ride On, God's Children  Bluebird6222  VG :: VG/VG-  grgrvs $4.99  Venerable Music
Narmour & Smith The New Charleston No. 2 / The New Carroll County Blues No. 2  Bluebird6234  VG+/VG :: VG  mld ,  stog $8.99  Venerable Music
J. T. Allison's Sacred Harp Singers I'm A Long Time Traveling Away From Home / I Belong To This Band - Hallelujah  Gennett6255  VG/VG-  grn ,  pdig $39.99  Venerable Music
Willie Creager / Cmpus Boys Cats Kittens/I Faw Down And Go Boom  Banner6257  VG+  grgrvs ,  hc ,  ltscr ,  dpscr ,  stog $6.99  Shellac Treasures
Jimmie Rodgers T. B. Blues / Mule Skinner Blues  Bluebird6275  E+/E  stog $9.99  Venerable Music
Ted Daffan`s Texans Weary Steel Blues / Always Alone  Okeh06311  VG :: VG  scfs $5.00  Allen`s 78`s
Lew Childre Everybody`s Fishin` / Ridin` The Elevated Train  Mercury6339  VG :: VG  scfs ,  tol $5.00  Allen`s 78`s
Gene Autry I`ll Never Let You Go / A Year Ago Tonight  Okeh06360  VG :: VG  scfs $5.00  Allen`s 78`s
Wade Mainer & Zeke Morris Mother Came To Get Her Boy From Jail / Just As The Sun Went Down  Bluebird6383  VG+/VG :: VG++  grgrvs $8.99  Venerable Music
J. E. Mainer's Mountaineers I Am Walking In The Light / When I Reach My Home Eternal  Bluebird6385  E- :: VG++  grgrvs $8.99  Venerable Music
Arthur Smith (Smoky Mt. Fiddler Trio) A Beautiful Lady In Blue / Bonaparte's Retreat  Bluebird6387  VG+  ltscr $9.99  Venerable Music
John McGhee The Preacher And The Bear / I Got Mine  Gennett6403  VG+/VG  flk ,  grn $9.99  Venerable Music
Lula Belle and Scotty Honey-Bunch / Imagination  Mercury6414  VG+ :: VG+  scfs ,  tol $5.00  Allen`s 78`s
Gene Autry After Tomorrow / I Don`t Want To Set The World On Fire  Okeh06434  VG :: VG  scfs $5.00  Allen`s 78`s
Cliff Carlisle In A Box Car Around The World / Cowboy Johnnie's Last Ride  Bluebird6439  VG++  sld ,  stog $9.99  Venerable Music
Wade Mainer & Zeke Morris Nobody's Darling On Earth / If I Could Hear My Mother  Bluebird6460  VG+  grn ,  stog $7.99  Venerable Music
Dixon Brothers Answer To Maple On The Hill - Part 1 / Greenback Dollar - Part 2  Bluebird6462  VG/VG- :: VG   $7.99  Venerable Music
Monroe Brothers You've Got To Walk That Lonesome Valley / God Holds The Future In His Hands  Bluebird6477  VG/VG- :: VG  grgrvs $6.99  Venerable Music
Blue Sky Boys Down On The Banks Of The Ohio / Midnight On The Stormy Sea  Bluebird6480  VG  grgrvs $7.99  Venerable Music
Wade Mainer & Zeke Morris Gathering Flowers From The Hills / Cradle Days  Bluebird6489  E/E-   $8.99  Venerable Music
Gene Krupa and his Orchestra Tropical Magic/Day Dreaming  Okeh6517  VG++  scfs ,  ltscr ,  stog $4.95  Rare78s
Emmett Miller & His Georgia Crackers I Ain't Got Nobody / Right Or Wrong  Bluebird6550  E/E- :: E-   $9.99  Venerable Music
Wade Mainer & Zeke Morris Come Back To Your Dobie Shack / My Mother Is Waiting  Bluebird6551  VG+   $8.99  Venerable Music
Blue Sky Boys Take Up Thy Cross / Row Us Over The Tide  Bluebird6567  VG  grgrvs $7.99  Venerable Music
Gene Krupa and his Orchestra The Marines Hymn / The Caissons Go Rolling Along  Okeh6582  E   $4.99  Really Old Records
Duke Ellington Swanee Shuffles / The Mystery Song  Bluebird6614  VG+  wol ,  slt wrp $8.99  Venerable Music
Roy Acuff & His Smoky Mountain Boys Night Train To Memphis / Low And Lonely  Okeh6693  VG :: VG  grn ,  scfs $5.00  Allen`s 78`s
Brownie McGhee & Blind Boy Fuller Step It Up And Go No. 2 / Working Man's Blues  Okeh6698  VG   $9.99  Venerable Music
Bob Wills My Confession / Whose Heart Are You Breaking Now?  Okeh6703  VG-  grn $3.99  Venerable Music
Roy Acuff & His Smoky Mountain Boys I`ll Reap My Harvest In Heaven / Don`t Make Me Go To Bed And I`ll Be Good  Okeh6704  VG+/VG :: VG+/VG  scfs $5.00  Allen`s 78`s
Bob Wills Home In San Antone / Miss Molly  Okeh6710  VG- :: VG/VG-  sld $3.99  Venerable Music
Roy Acuff & His Smoky Mountain Boys The Prodigal Son / Not A Word From Home  Okeh6716  VG+ :: VG+  scfs $5.00  Allen`s 78`s
Duke Ellington Arabian Lover / Washington Wobble  Bluebird6782  VG++  crk ,  tol $4.99  Venerable Music
Cliff Carlisle The Blind Child's Prayer / Just A Song At Childhood  Bluebird6830  E+/E   $14.99  Venerable Music
Hadda Brooks Jump Back Honey / Somewhere In That Direction  Okeh6924  E-   $5.00  Pure Shellac
Big Maybelle Gabbin' Blues / Rain Down Rain  Okeh6931  VG+/VG  rc ,  scfs ,  ltscr $4.00  Pure Shellac
Delmore Brothers False Hearted Girl / Memories Of My Carolina Girl  Bluebird6949  VG+/VG :: VG  grgrvs ,  stog ,  wol $7.99  Venerable Music
Wade Mainer & Zeke Morris A Change All Around / Little Rosebuds  Bluebird6993  VG+/VG  grgrvs $6.99  Venerable Music
Timmie Rogers Daddy-O/Good Deal  Regis7001  E   $4.95  Music Room
Walter Hurdt & Claude Boone I'm Ridin' Now / The Hobo Blues  Bluebird7008  VG+/VG  grgrvs ,  hc $6.99  Venerable Music
Wingy Mannone It Must Be Religion / The Prisoner's Song  Bluebird7014  E/E-  tol $8.99  Venerable Music
Wingy Mannone and his Orchestra It Must Be Religion/The Prisoners Song  Bluebird7014  E+/E  pdig $14.95  Rare78s
Gene Autry No One To Call Me Darling / Daddy And Home  Velvet Tone7061  E-   $8.99  Venerable Music
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