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Image Artist SongTitle Label Number Grade Defects Min.Bid StoreName
Willie Mabon Poison Ivy / Say Man  Chess1580  VG  grgrvs ,  scfs ,  ltscr $4.00  Pure Shellac
Stripling Brothers Silver Lake Waltz / Birmingham Jail  Decca5019  VG :: VG-  rst ,  stog $6.99  Venerable Music
McMichen's Melody Men Ain't She Sweet? / Darling Nellie Gray  Columbia15310  VG :: VG+/VG  grgrvs $9.99  Venerable Music
Ernest Thompson The Little Rosebud Casket / In The Baggage Coach Ahead  Columbia216  VG  mld $5.99  Venerable Music
Gene Autry Way Out West In Texas / Dying Cowgirl  Conqueror8193  VG   $5.99  Venerable Music
Carter Family There'll Be Joy, Joy, Joy / There's No Hiding Place Down Here  Montgomery Ward4547  VG   $7.99  Venerable Music
Mills Blue Rhythm Band Ride, Red, Ride / Congo Caravan  Columbia3087  VG   $6.99  Venerable Music
Bush Brothers Saved By His Sweet Grace / He Pardoned Me  Columbia15203  VG  grgrvs ,  sld ,  rc ,  scfs ,  ltscr ,  stog ,  mod wrp $3.99  Venerable Music
Earl Hines Rosetta / Copenhagen  Decca337  VG  flk ,  grn ,  scfs $3.99  Venerable Music
Ada Jones & Billy Murray Taffy  Victor5592  VG  stog $4.99  Venerable Music
Bull Moose Jackson Don't Ask Me Why / Oh John  King4280  VG  grn $4.99  Venerable Music
Carter Family Sweet Fern / Lulu Wall  Victor40126  VG   $7.99  Venerable Music
Carter Family By The Touch Of Her Hand / My Texas Girl  Melotone6-09-59  VG :: VG+/VG  grgrvs $7.99  Venerable Music
Helen Humes See, See, Rider / It's Better To Give Than To Receive  Aladdin126  VG  scfs ,  ltscr $4.00  Pure Shellac
The Lanin Orchestra Big Boy / Oh Baby  Okeh40111  VG  grgrvs ,  sld ,  rc ,  scfs ,  ltscr $9.00  Stephen's Shellac
Mamie Smith and her Jazz Hounds Dem Knockout Blues / Mean Daddy Blues  Okeh4631  VG  sld ,  rc ,  scfs ,  ltscr ,  ltstr $20.00  Stephen's Shellac
Yiddisher Orchester (Abe Schwartz) Sadegurer Chused'l / Biem Reben's Sideh  ColumbiaE3671  VG  slt wrp $9.99  Really Old Records
Tampa Red's Hokum Jug Band How Long How Long Blues / It's Tight Like that  Vocalion1228  VG :: E-   $20.00  Pure Shellac
Tennessee Ramblers Arkansas Traveller / Cackling Pullet  Brunswick225  VG   $8.99  Venerable Music
Bob White Trio Moonlight And Roses / My Wild Irish Rose  Bluebird6865  VG  grn ,  stog $2.99  Venerable Music
Asa Martin Johnny The Drunkard / The Fellow That Looks Like Me  Champion15922  VG  grn ,  sld ,  pdig $7.99  Venerable Music
Gene Autry & Jimmy Long If I Could Bring Back My Buddy / Watching The Clouds Roll By  Conqueror8138  VG  grn ,  grgrvs $4.99  Venerable Music
Gene Autry There's An Empty Cot In The Bunkhouse Tonight / Louisiana Moon  Perfect12936  VG  grn $5.99  Venerable Music
Carter Family Will The Roses Bloom In Heaven / We Will March Through The Streets Of The City  Bluebird5161  VG   $6.99  Venerable Music
Cliff Carlisle Virginia Blues / Just A Lonely Hobo  Champion16028  VG   $7.99  Venerable Music
Rev. J. C. Burnett The Downfall Of Nebuchadnezzar / I've Even Heard Of Thee  Columbia14166  VG :: VG+/VG  lam ,  mld ,  scfs ,  ltscr $5.99  Venerable Music
Patt Patterson & Lois Dexter The Cowboy's Love Song / Tidy Up And Down The Old Brass Wagon  Perfect168  VG  grn ,  mld $6.99  Venerable Music
Pickard Family I'll Meet Her When The Sun Goes Down / Get Me Out Of This Birmingham Jail  Brunswick385  VG :: VG/VG-  grn ,  eld $5.99  Venerable Music
Ashley's Melody Men Bath House Blues / Searcy County Rag  Victor40158  VG :: VG-  mld ,  ltstr $9.99  Venerable Music
Henry Whitter Put My Little Shoes Away / Go Bury Me Beneath The Willow Tree  Okeh45046  VG  mld ,  stog $7.99  Venerable Music
Roy Acuff & His Crazy Tennesseeans New Greenback Dollar / Steamboat Whistle Blues  Vocalion03255  VG :: VG+/VG  grgrvs ,  sld $7.99  Venerable Music
Prairie Ramblers Raise The Roof In Georgia / Bacon Rind  Romeo7-08-60  VG :: VG+/VG  sld ,  scfs ,  stog ,  wdm $4.99  Venerable Music
Carter Family Wildwood Flower / Little Darling Pal Of Mine  Perfect5-11-65  VG   $6.99  Venerable Music
Carter Family Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone / Broken Hearted Lover  Perfect13154  VG :: VG+   $7.99  Venerable Music
Bill Tuttle The Roamin' Musician / Gamblin' Bill Driv' On  Columbia15697  VG  mld ,  scfs ,  ltscr $29.99  Venerable Music
Cousin Joe Weddin-Day Blues / You Got It Comin To You  Savoy5527  VG :: VG+  grgrvs $5.00  Pure Shellac
Blind Johnny Davis Honey Babe / Telegram to My Baby  MGM10919  VG  scfs ,  ltscr $5.00  Pure Shellac
Fleming & Townsend She's Just That Kind / Just One Little Kiss  Victor40297  VG  grgrvs $7.99  Venerable Music
Carter Family The Wayworn Traveler / In The Shadow Of The Pines  Montgomery Ward8003  VG  grn ,  grgrvs ,  pdig ,  stog $5.99  Venerable Music
Arthur Fields / Frank Luther The Pickwick Club Tragedy / Floyd Collins Fate  Grey Gull4086  VG :: VG+/VG  rst ,  ltstr $4.99  Venerable Music
Lajos Kiss / mit Salon-Orchester Drunt' in der Lobau / Titania  TelefunkenA441  VG :: VG++  pdig ,  rst $3.95  Circa's 78s
Nervous Norvus Dig / Transfusion  Quality1504  VG  scfs $20.00  Stephen's Shellac
Roba Stanley - William Patterson Devilish Mary / Mister Chicken  Okeh40213  VG   $7.99  Upstairs 78s
Three Little Maids (Eva, Evelyn,& Lucille Overstake) Since the Angels Took Mother Away / In The Harbor of Home Sweet Home  Montgomery WardM-4491  VG   $4.99  Upstairs 78s
Lester McFarland & Robert Gardner She's More To Be Pitied Than Censured / 'Tis Sweet To Be Remembered  Conqueror8004  VG  stog $4.99  Venerable Music
Fiddlin' John Carson Casey Jones / Fare You Well Old Joe Clark  Okeh40038  VG :: VG+/VG  pdig $7.99  Venerable Music
Carter Family Sweet As The Flowers In May Time / Meet Me By The Moonlight, Alone  Bluebird5096  VG  grgrvs ,  npdig $4.99  Venerable Music
Hackberry Ramblers Don't Ever Trust A Friend / Sonny Boy  Bluebird6368  VG   $9.99  Venerable Music
Carter Family River of Jordan / Keep On the Sunny Side  Victor21434  VG :: VG+/VG  grgrvs ,  sld $15.99  Speed Demon
Uncle Dave Macon / Sam McGee The Bible's True / He Won the Heart of My Sarah Jane  Vocalion15322  VG  grn ,  grgrvs $19.99  Speed Demon
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