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Image Artist SongTitle Label Number Grade Defects Min.Bid StoreName
Bessie Smith Trombone Cholly / Yellow Dog Blues  Jazz Classics523  E+   $5.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Dinah Washington Homeward Bound / Evil Gal Blues  Keynote605  E  grn $5.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Jimmy Yancey Five O'Clock Blues / Tell 'Em About Me  Victor26590  VG+   $5.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Rickey Jordan Rickey's Blues / Night And Day  Exclusive237  VG+  tol $5.99  Venerable Music Consignments 2
Wynonie Harris Lollipop Mama / Blow Your Brains Out  King4226  VG++  grn $5.99  Venerable Music Consignments 2
Riley Puckett The Preacher And The Bear / Long Tongue Woman  Columbia15045  VG+  grgrvs $5.99  Venerable Music Consignments 2
Bradley Kincaid Bury Me On The Prairie / Sweet Kitty Wells  Supertone9208  VG/VG- :: VG-  stog $5.99  Venerable Music Consignments
Fanny Brice Mrs. Cohen At the Beach, Part 1 / Part 2  Victor21211  VG++   $5.99  Really Old Records
Ernest V. Stoneman May I Sleep In Your Barn, Mister? / The Old Hickory Cane  Okeh45059  VG+  lam ,  ltstr $5.99  Minerva Records Consignments
McMichen's Melody Men / Royal Blue Wax! Home Sweet Home / Where the River Shannon FLows  Columbia15288  VG+   $5.99  Minerva Records Consignments
Monroe Brothers You've Got To Walk That Lonesome Valley / God Holds the Future In His Hands  Bluebird6477  VG+   $5.99  Minerva Records Consignments
Goebel Reeves At the End of the Hobo's Trail / The Hobo's Grave  Champion16139  VG++  dpscr $5.99  Minerva Records Consignments
Maud Cuney Hare Negro Musicians And Their Music (Hardcover)  Paper Items0306706520  See Description   $5.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Jimmie Rodgers My Carolina Sunshine Girl / Desert Blues  Montgomery Ward4451  VG++   $5.99  Minerva Records Consignments
Carter Family Cuban Soldier / The Heart That Was Broken For Me  Montgomery Ward8069  VG+   $5.99  Minerva Records Consignments
Flo Bert Don't Take Away Those Blues / Whistle and I'll Come To Meet You  Paramount20023  VG++ :: VG+/VG   $6.00  Pure Shellac
Smith's Sacred Singers If I'm Faithful To My Lord/We Are Going Down The Valley One By One  Columbia15128  VG++  grgrvs ,  bascr $6.95  Rare78s
Carolina Night Hawks / Al Craver Governor Al Smith For President/The Sidewalks Of New York  Columbia15256  VG  grgrvs ,  sld ,  scfs ,  ltscr $6.95  Rare78s
Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra (Bix) Lonely Melody/Ramona  Victor21214  VG++  grgrvs ,  sld ,  scfs $6.95  Rare78s
Pvt. Cecil Gant Rhumba Boogie Woogie/Little Baby You're Running Wild  Gilt-Edge512  E+  scfs ,  bascr $6.95  Rare78s
Ted Lewis And His Band Aunt Hagers Blues/San  Columbia2113  VG+  pdig ,  scfs ,  ltscr $6.95  Rare78s
Henry Ford's Old Fashioned Dance Orchestra Sicilian Dance Orchestra  Columbia556  E++   $6.95  Rare78s
Miss Patricola / Aileen Stanley-Billy Murray Runnin Wild/You've Got To See Mamma Ev'ry NIght  Victor19027  E+/E  scfs $6.95  Rare78s
Broadway Players No No Nora/Love Tales  Federal5319  VG+  scfs ,  bascr $6.95  Rare78s
Louis Armstrong And His Orchestra After You've Gone/I've Got Rhythm  Vocalion3643  E+   $6.95  Rare78s
Joe Sullivan Quintette Brushin; Off Thew Boogie/High Dudgeon  Sunset RecordingsSRC 10052  E-  stog $6.95  Rare78s
Joe Sullivan The Bass Romps Away/24 Hours At Booths  Sunset RecordingsSRC 10053  E+/E  scfs ,  ltscr $6.95  Rare78s
The Charms Hearts Of Stone/Who Knows  DeLuxe6062  VG+ :: E-  grgrvs ,  scfs ,  bascr ,  stog $6.95  Rare78s
Benny Goodman And His Orch. 1941  ParlophoneR2843  E++   $6.95  Rare78s
King George & Queen Mary / The Band Of H.M. Coldstream Guards Empire Day Record/Empire Day Messages  HMVRE.284  E/E-  grn ,  stog ,  slt wrp $6.95  Rare78s
Mel Blanc OKMNX / Ten Little Bottles in the Sink  Capitol1727  E-   $6.99  Really Old Records
Wally Cox There Is a Tavern in the Town / What a Crazy Guy  RCA Victor20-5578  E   $6.99  Really Old Records
Georgia White Beggin My Daddy / Take Me For A Buggy Ride  Decca7620  VG  grn $6.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Miff Mole and his Molers Original Dixieland One-Step / Honolulu Blues  Brunswick8243  E-  mld $6.99  Really Old Records
Dorsey Brothers Orchestra / Imperial Dance Orchestra Beside An Open Fireplace / Ring Around the Moon  Banner0589  E-   $6.99  Really Old Records
Bessie Smith Empty Bed Blues - Parts 1 & 2  Columbia35675  E   $6.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Fisk University Male Quartet Shout All Over God's Heaven / Swing Low, Sweet Chariot  ColumbiaA1883  VG+   $6.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Meade Lux Lewis Honky Tonk Train / Whistlin' Blues  Bluebird10175  E+/E :: E+   $6.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Wings Over Jordan Old Ship Of Zion / Deep River  Queen4140  VG+/VG  grn $6.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Victor Military Band Victor Military Band performing Music Box Rag (Luckyth Roberts) / Chinatown, My Chinatown (One-Step)  Victor35429  VG  bascr ,  tol $6.99  Really Old Records
Ramona Hicks Don't Be Like Me / Evil And Blue  Bluebird8233  E-   $6.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Guilford Peachtree Payne Peachtree Man Blues / You Don't Worry My Mind  Okeh8103  VG-  grgrvs ,  modstr $6.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Norfolk Jubilee Quartet Where Shall I Be / I'm Gonna Build Right On Dat Shore  Paramount12234  G++   $6.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Southern Wonder Quartet I Will Ever Stand / I've Anchored My Soul  DavisDA-24-5/6  VG   $6.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Bradley Kincaid Give My Love To Nell / Wreck On The C. & O. Road  Supertone9350  VG+/VG :: VG+  grgrvs ,  svstr $6.99  Venerable Music Consignments
Bradley Kincaid The Cowboys Dream / Red River Valley  Decca5048  E :: VG++  grn ,  grgrvs $6.99  Venerable Music Consignments
Collins & Harlan Casey Jones  Oxford4827  VG-   $6.99  Venerable Music Consignments
Orchestra Egyptian Midnight Parade  Oxford5324  VG/VG-   $6.99  Venerable Music Consignments
Clayton McMichen / and his Georgia Wildcats Hog Through Reel / Arkansas Traveler  Gennett7011  VG++  slt wrp $6.99  Minerva Records Consignments
Michael W. Harris The Rise of Gospel Blues: The Music of Thomas Andrew Dorsey in the Urban Church (Hardcover)  Paper Items0195063767  See Description   $6.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
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