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Image Artist SongTitle Label Number Grade Defects Min.Bid StoreName
Danny Barker / Alyn Shipton (Edited By) Buddy Bolden And The Last Days Of Storyville  Paper Itemssku3  See Description :: See Description   $7.95  78 reasons
Frederick Ramsey, Jr. Been Here And Gone  Paper Itemssku2  See Description :: See Description   $4.95  78 reasons
Paul Oliver Songsters & Saints  Paper Itemssku1  See Description :: See Description   $8.95  78 reasons
Peter D. Goldsmith Making People's Music, Moe Asch And Folkways Records  Paper Itemssku4  See Description :: See Description   $6.95  78 reasons
Juan Tejeda / Alvarado Valdez Puro Conjunto - An Album In Words And Pictures  Paper Itemssku5  See Description :: See Description   $6.95  78 reasons
Ann Charters The Ragtime Songbook  Paper Itemssku6  VG-   $4.95  78 reasons
Paul Oliver Thirty Years Of Blues Commentary - Off The Record  Paper Itemssku7  See Description :: See Description   $3.95  78 reasons
Samuel Charters The Legacy Of The Blues - Art And Lives Of Twelve Great Bluesmen  Paper Itemssku8  See Description :: See Description   $2.95  78 reasons
Charles Delaunay Hot Discography  Paper Itemssku9  See Description :: See Description   $2.95  78 reasons
Charles K. Cowdrey / Raeburn Fleurlage (photograher) Blues Legends  Paper Itemssku10  See Description :: See Description   $3.95  78 reasons
Bruce Crowther / Mike Pinfold The Jazz Singers - From Ragtime To New Wave  Paper Itemssku11  See Description :: See Description   $2.95  78 reasons
Various Sing Out! Volume 31 / Number 1, Jan-Feb-Mar 1985  Paper Itemssku12  See Description :: See Description   $2.95  78 reasons
Liston Scroggins Good-Bye To Friends And Home / I'm Lonely Tonight Sweetheart  Brunswick378  VG+ :: VG+   $4.95  78 reasons
Frankie Wallace Wallace (And His Guitar) Blue Yodel No. 2 / The Brakeman's Blues  Conqueror7167  VG+ :: VG+   $4.95  78 reasons
Pie Plant Pete Farming By The Fire / I'm Going Back To 'Tucky  Melotone6-01-52  VG/VG- :: VG/VG-  sld $4.95  78 reasons
Amos Neal She'll Be Coming 'Round The Mountain / Rock All Our Babies To Sleep  Champion15692  G :: G+/G  lam ,  mld ,  ltscr $3.95  78 reasons
Monroe Silver Cohen On Prohibition / Cohen Talks About The Ladies  Silvertone2104  VG :: VG   $4.95  78 reasons
Arthur Collins What's The Use Of Loving If You Can't Love All The Time  Zon-O-Phone647  See Description :: See Description  rst $4.95  78 reasons
Arthur Collins All In, Down And Out  Victor5027  See Description :: See Description   $4.95  78 reasons
Johnny Marvin Every Day Away From You / Little By Little  Victor22076  VG+/VG :: VG+/VG   $3.95  78 reasons
Arthur Pryor's Band / American Quartet King Chanticleer / Texas Tommy Swing  Victor17079  VG   $3.95  78 reasons
Juraj Koval (Tenor) / Sprievodom Orkestra (BLUE WAX) Mojo Zena Starym Kraju / Povedz Ty Mi Moj Mila (a bit hard to read)  Columbia24165-F  VG :: VG/VG-  mld ,  dpscr $3.95  78 reasons
FLETCHER HENDERSON OR Stampede/Jackass Blues (incredible hot)  Columba654-D  VG+   $18.00  Blaesing COuntry Collection
EDDIE BOYD 5 Long Years/Blue Coat Man Blues  JOB1007  VG++   $12.00  Blaesing COuntry Collection
ARKANSAS TRAVELERS Sensation/Ja Da  Harmony421  VG++   $8.00  Blaesing COuntry Collection
MC KINNEY COTTON PICKERS Milenburg Joys/SHimme Sha Wobble  Victor21611  E/E-   $24.00  Blaesing COuntry Collection
DUKE ELLINGTON COTTON CLUB OR High Life//Sat Night Function  Vitor38036  E-   $18.00  Blaesing COuntry Collection
Kali & Lua (Hawaiian) Hula Medley/Cunha Medley (uptempo)  Victor17774  E/E-   $7.00  Blaesing COuntry Collection
MERCY DEE WALTON Crepe on Your Door/Happy Bachelor  Bayou013  E   $8.00  Blaesing COuntry Collection
WADE MAINER / MOUNTAINEERS Gospel Cannonball (hot-bluegrass/Sparkling Blue Eyes  Bluebord8249  E/E-   $9.00  Blaesing COuntry Collection
JIMMIE RODGERS Blue Yodel #10/Miss the Mississippi  RZ (Victor 23696-master_3257  E+   $12.00  Blaesing COuntry Collection
DUKE ELLINGTON WASHINGTONIANS Black & Tan Fantasy/Solilquy  Brunswick3526  E-  bascr $8.00  Blaesing COuntry Collection
PACE JUBILEE SOINGERS w HATTIE PARKER Room Enough in Heaven/Steal Away Jesus  Gennett (Electrobeam)6072  VG-   $7.00  Blaesing COuntry Collection
HENRY WHITTER New River Train (great one) Stormy Wave Blues  Okeh40143  VG++   $9.00  Blaesing COuntry Collection
RILEY PUCKETT Wont You Come over to My House/Down By Mill Stream  Columbia15058  VG+/VG   $7.00  Blaesing COuntry Collection
GEORGIA YELLOW HAMMERS Carolina Girl/Picture on the Wall  Victor20943  VG+   $8.00  Blaesing COuntry Collection
SOUTHERN NEGRO QUARTET SWEET MAMA/Aint Giving Nuthin Away  Columbia3450  E   $8.00  Blaesing COuntry Collection
UTICA INSTITUTE QT Lord Have I Done/Mighty Day  Victor22465  E+/E   $7.00  Blaesing COuntry Collection
FIDDLIN JOHN CARSON & VIRGINIA REELERS Set Em Up Aunt POeggy/Arkansas Traveller  Okeh40108  VG++   $11.00  Blaesing COuntry Collection
CLARENCE WILLIAMS WASHBOARD BAND Cryin Mood/Wanted  Bluebird6932  E/E-   $9.00  Blaesing COuntry Collection
RILEY PUCKETT / BOB NICHOLS Back to Caroline/Drifting Back to Dreamland  Columba (plays well)15085  E+   $9.00  Blaesing COuntry Collection
WASHBOARD SAM Feeling Low Down/Im Not the Lad  Bluebord8878  E-   $9.00  Blaesing COuntry Collection
ASA MARTON N Place Like Home For Married Man/She Aint Built  Champion15712  VG++   $9.00  Blaesing COuntry Collection
ASA MARTIN TRIO Good Bye Betty/Lover on Deep Blue Sea  CQ741  E/E-   $8.00  Blaesing COuntry Collection
RED NICHOLS (hottest one) Or Corrine Corrina /Bug A Boo  BRUNSWICI1126  E   $11.00  Blaesing COuntry Collection
ARTHUR GUNTHER No Happy Home Blues/Honey Babe (blues rockabilly)  Excello2058  E+   $12.00  Blaesing COuntry Collection
MEMPHIS SLIM threat me like I treat You/COuntry Girl  Money212  E+   $12.00  Blaesing COuntry Collection
MEMPHIS MINNIE Shout Boogie/ 3x7 Blues  Columbia38099  VG+/VG  lam $8.00  Blaesing COuntry Collection
CALVIN FRAZIER Got Nobody/Little Baby Child  Savoy858  VG+  dpscr $8.00  Blaesing COuntry Collection
Clarence Ashley The House Carpenter/Old John Hardy  Columbia15654-D  G+  eld ,  pdig ,  rst ,  dpscr $149.99  Flaherty's Rarities
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