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Image Artist SongTitle Label Number Grade Defects Min.Bid StoreName
Cotton and Morpheus That's My Weakness Now / Because My Baby Don't Mean Maybe Now  Brunswick3969  VG+/VG  grn $4.99  Venerable Music
Louis Armstrong New Orleans Function Part 1 (Free As A Bird) / Part 2 (Oh, Didn't He Ramble)  Brunswick04541  E :: E-  sld ,  scfs ,  ltscr $5.99  Venerable Music
CAB CALLOWAY Trickeration / Ain't Got No Gal In This Town  Brunswick6214  VG+ :: VG+  grgrvs $14.99  waxmusic
Duke Ellington and his Famous Orchestra It Don't mean a Thing If it Ain't Got That Swing / Rose Room  Brunswick6265  VG+  sld ,  ltscr $15.00  Stephen's Shellac
Duke Ellington Reminiscing In Tempo - Parts 3 & 4  Brunswick7547  VG :: VG+/VG  grgrvs $6.99  Venerable Music
Theo Karle Bring Back The Golden Days / When You And I Were Young, Maggie  Brunswick13013  VG++  rst $3.99  Venerable Music
Pine Top Smith I'm Sober Now / Jump Steady Blues  Brunswick80009  VG+ :: VG+  flk ,  scfs $8.99  WBCF Records
Pine Top Smith Jump Steady Blues/I'm Sober Now  Brunswick80009  VG++   $25.00  recordsmarty
Eddie Lang - Joe Venuti / Jack Teagarden - Benny Goodman Beale Street Blues / Someday Sweetheart  Brunswick80078  VG :: VG   $6.00  78 Reasons
Cecill Gant Trio Boogie Woogie Baby/If Its True  Bullet256  E-   $4.95  Music Room
Chester (Chet) Atkins Guitar Blues (Pickin' The Blues) / Brown Eyes A'Cryin' In The Rain (Labels Reversed)  Bullet617  VG/VG-  scfs ,  ltscr $7.99  Venerable Music
Leon Payne Lost Highway/Baby Boy  Bullet670  E  sld $4.95  Music Room
The Chordettes Mr. Sandman / I Don't Wanna See You Cryin'  Cadence1247  VG++   $5.00  Pure Shellac
Slim Gaillard Trio Cement Mixer/Scotchin' With The Soda  Cadet201  E  scfs $9.95  Rare78s
Lucille Hegamin And Her Blue Flame Syncopators Aggravatin'm Papa/Beal St. Mama  Cameo270  G++ :: G+  grgrvs ,  scfs ,  ltscr $5.95  Rare78s
Flo Johnson And Her Beale Street Five / Bob Thomas SugarBlues/Keep Off MY Shoes  Cameo319  VG-  grgrvs ,  scfs ,  ltscr $5.95  Rare78s
Slim Jackson Trio Freasish Blues/Louisville Blues  Cameo705  VG/VG-  grgrvs ,  rst ,  scfs ,  ltscr $6.95  Rare78s
Maynard Ferguson The Hot Canary / What's New?  Capitol7-1713  E-  stog $4.99  Venerable Music
Cootie Williams House of Joy/Everything But You  Capitol215  VG+   $5.00  recordsmarty
Ella Mae Morse / Freddie Slack Pig Foot Pete/Your Conscience Tells You So  Capitol278  VG++   $15.00  recordsmarty
Sonny Terry Telephone Blues / Dirty Mistreater, Don't You Know  Capitol931  VG- :: VG  grgrvs $4.99  Venerable Music
Leon Chappel You Hear Me Talkin' / True Blue Papa  Capitol1008  E :: VG  grgrvs $2.99  Venerable Music
Tennessee Ernie The Shot Gun Boogie / I Ain't Gonna Let It Happen No More  Capitol1295  E/E-  tol $5.00  Pure Shellac
Leon Payne My Daddy/Because You Love Me  Capitol1321  E  tol ,  wol $8.00  Basement Archive
Gene O'Quin You Played Around With My Heart / Heads You Win  Capitol1433  E  tol $3.99  Venerable Music
"Big Bill" Lister Beer Drinking Blues/R C Cola And Moon Pie  Capitol1488  VG+ :: E  grgrvs ,  sld $4.00  Basement Archive
Big Bill Lister Ship Of Love / All I Want To Hear You Say Love Me  Capitol1999  E  scfs $4.99  Venerable Music
Faron Young Have I Waited Too Long / Tattle Tale Tears  Capitol2039  E+/E   $3.99  Venerable Music
Leon Payne Lyin' To My Heart/Mailman  Capitol2295  E  tol ,  wol $8.00  Basement Archive
Freddie Hart It Just Don't Seem Like Home/Caught At Last  Capitol2873  E+/E   $8.00  Basement Archive
The Cheers Black Denim trousers / Some Night in Alaska  Capitol3219  VG+  grgrvs ,  ltscr $5.00  Pure Shellac
Louvin Brothers You're Running Wild/Cash on the Barrel Head  Capitol3523  VG+  scfs $4.95  Music Room
Nellie Lutcher Chi-Chi-Chi-Chicago/The One I Love Belongs to Somebody Else  Capitol10108  VG++   $20.00  recordsmarty
Nellie Lutcher Lake Charles Boogie/Sleepy Lagoon  Capitol10110  VG++ :: VG+  sld $20.00  recordsmarty
Merle Travis T For Texas (Blue Yodel No. 1) / Leave My Honey Bee Alone  Capitol15212  VG  grgrvs ,  eld $2.99  Speed Demon
Smiley Burnette Rudolp The Red-Nosed Reindeer / The Swiss Boy  Capitol30133  VG++   $5.00  Pure Shellac
Sonny Terry Whoopin' The Blues / All Alone Blues  Capitol40003  E  bascr $9.99  Venerable Music
Nellie Lutcher You Better Watch Yourself, Bub/My Mother's Eyes  Capitol40042  E-  scfs ,  stog $5.00  Basement Archive
Hank Thompson Humpty Dumpty Heart/Today  Capitol40065  VG++   $25.00  recordsmarty
Milo Twins Swamp Woman Blues / Love In An Aeroplane  Capitol40094  VG+ :: VG++  sld ,  ltscr $4.99  Venerable Music
Charlie Barnet Cherokee/The New Redskin Rhumba  Cardinal25001  VG+   $5.00  recordsmarty
Fiddlin' Doc Roberts Buck Creek Gal/And The Cat Came Back  Challenge307  VG+  flk ,  pdig $25.00  Basement Archive
Woodlawn Quartette Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere / Rock Of Ages  Challenge338  VG+  grn $4.99  Venerable Music
Walter C. Peterson After The Ball, Peek A Boo, In The Good Old Summertime, The Kentucky Bean With His Double Barreled Shot Gun / Red Wing, My Little Girl, Turkey In The Straw  Champion15261  VG+  grn $5.99  Venerable Music
George Osborn & His Orchestra By The Waters Of Minnetonka / Hymn To The Sun  Champion15306  VG+   $4.99  Venerable Music
Otto Gray It Can't Be Done / Your Mother Still Prays For You, Jack  Champion15446  VG/VG- :: VG  grn ,  sld ,  ltscr ,  dpscr ,  stog $4.99  Venerable Music
Morrison and Reeves Carolina Moon/Before The Rain  Champion15685  VG+  pdig $4.00  Basement Archive
Bradley Kincaid Four Thousand Years Ago / Liza Up In The 'Simmon Tree  Champion15687  VG/VG-  grn $3.99  Venerable Music
Zach Whyte's Chocolate Beau Brummels It's Tight Like That / West End Blues  Champion15714  G+ :: G++  grn ,  hc $9.99  Venerable Music
Byrd Moore / Leonard Rutherford & John Foster When the Snowflakes Fall Again / My Carolina Home  Champion15732  E- :: E-  grn ,  rc $39.99  Speed Demon
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