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Image Artist SongTitle Label Number Grade Defects Min.Bid StoreName
Mamie Smith Sweet Cookie / Oh, Joe  Okeh4542  E-  pdig ,  ltscr $8.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Mamie Smith That Da-Da Strain / Wish That I Could But I Can't Forgive You Blues  Okeh4689  VG   $8.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Eva Taylor I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate / Baby Won't You Please Come Home  Okeh4740  VG/VG-  crk $4.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Sophie Tucker Aggravatin' Papa / You've Got To See Mamma Ev'ry Night (Or You Can't See Mamma At All)  Okeh4817  VG+   $5.99  Really Old Records
Pete Johnson Cherry Red / Baby Look At You  Okeh4997  VG  chd $4.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Curtis Jones Love Valley Blues / Dream Land Blues  Okeh06069  E+/E   $8.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Adolf Hofner / His San Antonians Alamo Rag/There's a Star in the Heavens  Okeh6139  E-   $4.95  Music Room
Lew Preston and his Men of the Range Rose of Santa Fe / Maid of Mexico  Okeh6241  VG+   $4.00  Pure Shellac
Rev. W. M. Chambers If - Parts 1 & 2  Okeh06418  E   $8.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Hi-Flyers Beer Parlor Jive / Alamo Polka  Okeh06559  E/E-  tol $7.00  Speed Demon
Louise Massey Gals Don't Mean A Thing / The Honey Song  Okeh6687  VG+  grgrvs $4.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Big Bill Broonzy I Feel So Good / Tell Me Baby  Okeh6688  E   $7.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Lizzie Miles He May Be Your Man, But He Comes To See Me Sometimes / Wicked Blues  Okeh8037  E-  bascr $8.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Sara Martin Cruel Backbitin' Blues / If Your Man Is Like My Man  Okeh8063  VG++ :: E-  svstr $9.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Sara Martin Uncle Sam Blues / New Orleans Hop Scop Blues  Okeh8085  VG :: VG++  grgrvs ,  ltstr $8.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Martha Copeland The Pawn Shop Blues / The Down So Long Blues  Okeh8112  VG :: VG+/VG   $8.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Sara Martin's Jug Band Don't You Quit Me Daddy / Jug Band Blues  Okeh8166  VG+  grgrvs $79.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Sara Martin I Can Always Tell When A Man Is Treatin' Me Cool / Daddy, Ease This Pain Of Mine  Okeh8237  VG  grgrvs ,  ltstr $8.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Virginia Liston Make Me A Pallet / Monkey Jungle Blues  Okeh8247  VG  grgrvs ,  stog $14.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Sara Martin I'm Sorry Blues / Old Fashioned Sara Blues  Okeh8249  VG+/VG   $14.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Sippie Wallace Suitcase Blues / Murder's Gonna Be My Crime  Okeh8276  E-  grn $9.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Victoria Spivey Black Snake Blues / No More Jelly Bean Blues  Okeh8338  VG+ :: VG   $14.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Sloppy Henry Run Away Blues / Foggy Morning Blues  Okeh8368  VG+/VG :: VG  ltstr ,  modstr $29.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Louis Armstrong & His Hot Five Skid-Da-De-Dat / Jazz Lips  Okeh8436  G  hc ,  eld ,  stog $5.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Victoria Spivey Arkansas Road Blues / The Alligator Pond Went Dry  Okeh8481  VG/VG- :: VG+/VG  grgrvs ,  wol $39.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Lonnie Johnson Treat 'Em Right / Baby, Will You Please Come Home  Okeh8484  G  mld $5.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Lonnie Johnson Playing With The Strings / Stompin' 'Em Along Slow  Okeh8558  VG+  ltscr $124.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Rev. J. M. Gates Tiger Flowers' Last Fight / The Ball Game Of Life  Okeh8562  VG+/VG  grgrvs $9.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Texas Alexander Death Bed Blues / Mama's Bad Luck Child  Okeh8578  VG+  scfs ,  dpscr $24.99  Venerable Music Consignments 2
Keghouse Keghouse Blues / Shiftin' My Gear Blues  Okeh8583  VG+  grgrvs $49.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Clint Jones Mississippi Woman Blues / Blue Valley Blues  Okeh8587  VG+ :: VG++  lam $29.99  Venerable Music Consignments 2
Rev. Johnny Blakey Warming By The Devil's Fire / The Devil Is Loose In The World  Okeh8685  VG/VG-  hc ,  sld $9.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Lonnie Johnson She Don't Know Who She Wants / The Dirty Dozen  Okeh8775  G+  eld ,  pdig $8.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Silver Leaf Quartette Of Norfolk Will The Circle Be Unbroken / The Ship Is At The Landing  Okeh8777  VG- :: VG/VG-  grgrvs ,  sld $8.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Monarch Jubilee Quartet Of Norfolk King Jesus, Stand By Me / When Death Shall Shake This Frame  Okeh8797  VG  grgrvs ,  ltstr $49.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Lonnie Johnson No More Troubles Now / Sam You Can't Do That To Me  Okeh8831  G+/G  mld $8.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Mississippi Sheiks Jail Bird Love Song / Yodeling Fiddling Blues  Okeh8834  VG++  ltscr $179.99  Venerable Music Consignments 2
Mississippi Sheiks Baby Keeps Stealing Lovin' On Me / River Bottom Blues  Okeh8843  VG/VG-  sld ,  scfs ,  ltscr $89.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Sister Clara Hudmon Now Is The Needy Time / My Loved Ones Are Waiting For Me  Okeh8851  G+/G  eld ,  modstr $24.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Lonnie Johnson Another Woman Booked Out And Bound To Go / I Just Can't Stand These Blues  Okeh8886  VG+ :: VG++  grgrvs ,  lam $69.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Bo Carter Backache Blues / Blue Runner Blues  Okeh8906  VG-  flk ,  pdig ,  scfs ,  ltscr $79.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Fiddlin' John Carson Turkey In The Straw / Run, Nigger, Run  Okeh40230  VG++  grgrvs $9.99  Venerable Music Consignments 2
Fiddlin John Carson Old Dan Tucker / Old Uncle Ned  Okeh40263  E-   $5.99  Minerva Records Consignments
ROBA STANLEY SINGLE LIFE / LITTLE FRANKIE  Okeh40436  VG+/VG :: VG   $9.99  Garoncollection
KIM & NYLAND / w mandolin&guitar Kep on Firing Line/I Will Sing of Redeemer  Okeh40489  E   $6.98  Blaesing COuntry Collection
KALAMA'S SINGERS MAMA E / WAHINE E  Okeh41041  VG/VG- :: VG/VG-   $9.99  Garoncollection
Bix Beiderbecke & His Gang Ol' Man River / Wa-Da-Da  Okeh41088  VG+   $24.99  Venerable Music Consignments 2
Ed Loyd And His Orchestra I've Got My Eye On You/Just A Little Closer  Okeh41425  VG+/VG :: VG++  grgrvs ,  bascr ,  ltstr $7.95  Rare78s
Ernest Stoneman He's Going TO Have A Hot Time Bye and Bye / The Old Go Hungry Hash House  Okeh45062  VG+   $5.99  Minerva Records Consignments
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