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Image Artist SongTitle Label Number Grade Defects Min.Bid StoreName
Willie Boodle It Right Little Bee / Sunny Land Blues  Okeh06008  E  bascr $8.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Curtis Jones Too Many Blues / It's A Solid Sender  Okeh06186  E  bascr $7.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet Didn't It Rain / He Never Said A Mumblin' Word  Okeh6529  E  slt wrp $7.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Ollie Shepard True Love Blues / Pay Day Blues  Okeh06533  E+/E  mod wrp $7.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Hi-Flyers Beer Parlor Jive / Alamo Polka  Okeh06559  E/E-  tol $7.00  Speed Demon
Big Bill Broonzy Keep Your Hand On Your Heart / In The Army Now  Okeh06601  VG+  grgrvs $4.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Johnnie Ray Whiskey and Gin / Tell the Lady I Said Good Bye  Okeh6809  VG :: VG/VG-  grgrvs ,  ltscr ,  tol $4.00  Pure Shellac
Excelsior Quartette Good-Bye My Coney Island Baby / If Hearts Win Tonight You Lose  Okeh8038  E- :: E  sld $9.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Sara Martin Roamin' Blues / I've Got To Go And Leave My Daddy Behind  Okeh8104  VG-   $7.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Martha Copeland The Pawn Shop Blues / The Down So Long Blues  Okeh8112  VG :: VG+/VG   $8.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Eva Taylor Jazzin' Babies Blues / Irresistible Blues  Okeh8129  G :: VG-  sld ,  svstr $5.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Sara Martin with Sylvester Weaver Everybody's Got The Blues / My Man Blues  Okeh8136  E  grn $24.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Eva Taylor Ghost Of The Blues / When You're Tired Of Me (Just Let Me Know)  Okeh8145  VG-   $8.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Horace George, Charles & Effie Tyus Emancipation Day In Georgia / The Meal Is Low In The Barrel Blues  Okeh8164  G+  scfs ,  ltscr $7.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Sippie Wallace Leaving Me, Daddy, Is Hard To Do / Mama's Gone, Good-Bye  Okeh8168  VG- :: G++  flk ,  mld $6.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Virginia Liston You've Got The Right Key, But The Wrong Keyhole / Bill Draw  Okeh8173  G++ :: VG-   $7.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Sloppy Henry Tom Cat Rag / Cannon Ball Blues  Okeh8178  VG+ :: E-   $29.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Victoria Spivey Dirty Woman's Blues / Long Gone Blues  Okeh8351  VG+/VG  mld ,  pdig $19.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Bertha Chippie Hill Panama Limited Blues / Leavenworth Blues  Okeh8367  G++  grgrvs ,  modstr $9.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Blind Lemon Jefferson Black Snake Moan / Match Box Blues  Okeh8455  VG+/VG :: VG+  sld ,  stog $89.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Rev. J. M. Gates God's Wrath In The St. Louis Cyclone / Devil In A Flying Machine  Okeh8515  VG++   $9.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Elder Richard Bryant's Sanctified Singers How Much I Owe FOr Love Divine / Watch Ye, Therefore, You Know Not The Day  Okeh8579  VG  grgrvs $149.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Lonnie Johnson Bedbug Blues - Part 2 / Sweet Potato Blues  Okeh8586  VG++ :: E-  grgrvs $39.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Tampa Joe & Macon Ed Wringing That Thing / Worrying Blues  Okeh8676  VG  grgrvs ,  lam $69.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Roosevelt Sykes All My Money Gone Blues / The Way I Feel Blues  Okeh8727  VG/VG-  grgrvs ,  pdig $19.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Roosevelt Sykes Henry Ford Blues / I'm Tired Of Being Mistreated  Okeh8742  VG-  grgrvs ,  hc $12.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Sister Clara Hudmon Now Is The Needy Time / My Loved Ones Are Waiting For Me  Okeh8851  G+/G  eld ,  modstr $24.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Charlie Specks McFadden Misunderstood Blues / Don't Bite That Thing  Okeh8894  E/E- :: E+/E  dpscr $124.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Mamie Smith Golfing Papa / Jenny's Ball  Okeh8915  VG++ :: VG+  grgrvs ,  lam $249.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Fiddlin' John Carson Old Aunt Peggy, Won;t You Set 'Em Up Again? / Arkansas Traveller  Okeh40108  G++ :: G+   $5.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Fiddlin' John Carson and His Virginia Reelers Fire In The Moutain / Peter Went Fishing  Okeh45068  VG   $5.99  Minerva Records Consignments
Fiddlin John Carson and His Virginia Reelers Suwanee River / Jesse James  Okeh45139  VG+/VG  ltstr ,  mold $7.99  Minerva Records Consignments
Frank Hutchison All Night Long / Lightning Express  Okeh45144  VG  dpscr ,  ltstr $8.99  Minerva Records Consignments
FOUNDATION QUARTET When the Suset Turns Gold to Blue/I Love to Tell The Story  Okeh45309  E-   $6.99  Blaesing COuntry Collection
MAX FRIEDMAN Heart of Kentucky/Wish I Had Died in My Cradle  Okeh45316  E+   $4.99  Blaesing COuntry Collection
Bo Chatman Banana In Your Fruit Basket - Vinyl Master Pressing  Okeh404923-B  E-  stog $49.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Philip S. Olt Duck Calling part 1/part 2  Olt100  E-   $4.95  Music Room
Big Bill Broonzy Rising Sun, Shine On / Let Her Go, She Don't Know  Oriole5-11-67  G :: G-  eld ,  sev wrp $4.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Big Bill Broonzy Seven-Eleven / Cherry Hill  Oriole7-03-54  G  svstr $4.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Hugh Donovan / Royal Dadmun Linger Awhile / The Trumpeter  Oriole151  VG++ :: E-  grgrvs ,  scfs $3.99  Speed Demon
Mandy Lee Harlem Blues / Somebody's Been Loving My Baby  Oriole816  VG  rst ,  stog $8.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Frank & James McCravey Jacob's Ladder / I Want To Go There  Oriole2080  VG/VG-   $4.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Josh White Pure Religion Hallilu /I Don't Intend To Die In Egyptland  Oriole8286  VG/VG- :: VG-  grgrvs ,  stog $13.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Cedric J. Hayes & Robert Laughton The Gospel Discography 1943-1970 (Paperback)  Paper ItemsB01MYDDVK8  See Description   $39.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Map of Mississippi 10" x 12" Vintage Map of Mississippi with cardboard backing  Paper ItemsMS  See Description   $5.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Two Oriole, Two Okeh & Two Odeon Sleeves Six Various Sleeves  Paper ItemsOR6  See Description   $19.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
QRS Sleeve One QRS Sleeve  Paper ItemsQ1  See Description   $9.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Four Regal Sleeves Four Regal Sleeves  Paper ItemsR4  See Description   $4.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Four Starr Gennett Sleeves Four Starr Gennett Sleeves  Paper ItemsSG4  See Description   $4.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
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