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Image Artist SongTitle Label Number Grade Defects Min.Bid StoreName
Sara Martin He's Never Gonna Throw Mw Down / Too Late Now To Get Your Baby Back  Okeh8154  VG :: VG/VG-  stog $8.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Horace George, Charles & Effie Tyus Emancipation Day In Georgia / The Meal Is Low In The Barrel Blues  Okeh8164  G+  scfs ,  ltscr $7.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Sarah Martin's Jug Band Jug Band Blues/Don't You Quit Me Daddy  Okeh8166  G++  flk ,  pdig ,  dpscr $20.00  Harvest Records
Sippie Wallace Leaving Me, Daddy, Is Hard To Do / Mama's Gone, Good-Bye  Okeh8168  VG- :: G++  flk ,  mld $6.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Sara Martin Strange Lovin' Blues / Can't Find Nobody To Do Like My Old Daddy Do  Okeh8214  VG+/VG  grgrvs ,  stog $9.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Dora Carr Cow Cow Blues / I'm Gonna Steal Somebody's Man  Okeh8250  G++   $7.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Laura Smith Face To Face / Take Me Home, Heavenly Father, With Thee  Okeh8252  E/E- :: E-   $11.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Alberta Hunter / Perry Bradford's Mean Four Your Jelly Roll Is Good/Take That Thing Away  Okeh8268  VG  grgrvs ,  rc ,  scfs ,  ltscr $69.95  Rare78s
Dora Carr & Cow Cow Davenport Alabama Mis-Treater / If You Think You're Gonna Get What I Got You Got Another Thought Coming To You  Okeh8306  VG++  ltscr $14.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Dixon Brothers Quartette Daniel In De Lion's Den / Ezekiel Saw De Wheel  Okeh8327  VG+/VG  stog $9.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Buddy Christian's Four Cry Babies Jonas Ridin' On His Mule / Nina Lee  Okeh8332  VG/VG- :: VG  ltscr ,  stog $14.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Victoria Spivey Humored And Petted Blues / Blue Valley Blues  Okeh8389  VG+   $14.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Nolan Welsh Bouncing Blues / Nolan Welsh's Blues  Okeh8425  VG  scfs ,  dpscr $29.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Eva Taylor If I Could Be With You / I Wish You Would (Love Me Like I'm Loving You)  Okeh8444  G++ :: VG-  lam ,  mld ,  scfs ,  ltscr $5.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Bertha Chippie Hill Do Dirty Blues / Sport Model Mama  Okeh8473  E :: E/E-  lam ,  sld $29.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Texas Alexander Levee Camp Moan Blues / Section Gang Blues  Okeh8498  VG- :: G+   $11.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Sylvester Weaver Can't Be Trusted Blues / Penitentiary Bound Blues  Okeh8504  VG/VG-  mld $49.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Lonnie Johnson Sweet Woman You Can't Go Wrong / St. Louis Cyclone Blues  Okeh8512  E- :: VG++  lam ,  dpscr $14.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Lonnie Johnson Tin Can Alley Blues / Bitin' Fleas Blues  Okeh8524  VG/VG-   $14.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Bessie Mae Smith Creepin' Eel Blues / Dead Sea Blues  Okeh8553  E+/E   $24.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Mooch Richardson Low Down Barrel House Blues - Part 2 / Helena Blues  Okeh8611  E :: E+  dpscr $149.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Rev. J. M. Gates Things That You Can Move Don't Ask God To Move / Woe Be Unto You Liars  Okeh8642  E  stog $14.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Butterbeans & Susie I Want A Good Man (And I Want Him Bad) / That's More Than I Can Stand  Okeh8670  VG  scfs ,  ltscr $9.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Tampa Joe & Macon Ed Wringing That Thing / Worrying Blues  Okeh8676  VG  grgrvs ,  lam $69.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Rev. J. M. Gates You Midnight Ramblers / Dead Cat On The Line  Okeh8684  E+/E   $14.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
I.C. Glee Quartet I'm Going Home On The Chicasaw Train / God Told The Poor Widow To Cook All She Had  Okeh8710  VG+/VG  grgrvs $9.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Texas Alexander with Little Hat Jones Some Day Baby Your Troubles Is Gonna Be Like Mine / Texas Special  Okeh8771  E  bascr $149.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Mamie Smith Golfing Papa / Jenny's Ball  Okeh8915  VG++ :: VG+  grgrvs ,  lam $249.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Lonnie Johnson Not The Chump I Use To Be / Best Jockey In Town  Okeh8916  VG+/VG  lam ,  ltscr $49.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Wilhelm Ringele Verlor'nes Gluck / Liebesleid  Okeh10190  VG++ :: E-  rst ,  scfs $2.99Instant Purchase  Venerable Music
Jan Karlowicz Stas mi pierscionek / Zegnal goral swa goralke  Okeh11196  VG++ :: VG+  sld ,  scfs ,  ltscr $2.95Instant Purchase  Circa's 78s
Mamie Smith My Mammy's Blues / Do It Mr. So And So  Okeh40019  VG+ :: VG++  ltstr $8.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Fiddlin" John Carson Fare You Well Old Joe Clark/Casey Jones  Okeh40038  VG/VG-  sld ,  scfs ,  ltscr $4.95Instant Purchase  Rare78s
Fiddlin' John Carson Old Aunt Peggy, Won;t You Set 'Em Up Again? / Arkansas Traveller  Okeh40108  G++ :: G+   $5.99  Roger Misiewicz Collection
Ernest Stoneman Me & My Wife/Freckled Face Mary Jane  Okeh40312  VG+   $15.00  Harvest Records
Fiddlin" John Carson The Death Of Floyd Collins/Charming Betsy  Okeh40363  VG+/VG  scfs ,  ltscr $9.95Instant Purchase  Rare78s
Jenkins Family There Will Be Showers Of Blessing/ THAT LONESOME VALLEY  Okeh40377  E :: E+/E   $15.00  Garoncollection
Arcadian Serenaders Bobbed Haired Bobbie/San Sue Strut  Okeh40378  G-/G  grgrvs ,  mld ,  scfs ,  ltscr ,  tol $11.95Instant Purchase  Rare78s
Happiness Boys / Billy Jones & Ernest Hare We're Gonna Have Weather / Christofo Columbo  Okeh40397  VG  grgrvs ,  sld ,  dpscr $4.99Instant Purchase  Venerable Music
Vernon Dalhart TheDrunkard's Hell/Kinnie Wagner  Okeh40565  VG+/VG  grgrvs ,  scfs $5.95Instant Purchase  Rare78s
Vincent Rizzo Valencia / By The Way - My Castle In Spain  Okeh40609  VG+  grn $7.99Instant Purchase  Venerable Music
Joe Davis (The Melody Man) Like an Angel You Flew Into Everyone's Heart (Lindbergh) / What Would You Say  Okeh40831  VG++   $5.00Instant Purchase  Pure Shellac
Noble Sissle Are You Happ?/A Night In June  Okeh40882  VG++ :: VG+/VG  lam ,  ndr ,  scfs ,  ltscr $19.95Instant Purchase  Rare78s
Arnold Frank And His Roger's Cafe Orchestra Black Maria/Rain  Okeh40896  E+/E  lam ,  scfs $19.95Instant Purchase  Rare78s
Seger Ellis To-Morrow / After We Kiss  Okeh40974  VG++   $5.99Instant Purchase  Venerable Music
Dorsey Brothers and Their Orchestra Persian Rug / Maryann  Okeh40995  VG+/VG   $5.00Instant Purchase  Pure Shellac
Seger Ellis Sunshine / You'd Rather Forget Than Forgive  Okeh41006  VG+/VG   $4.99Instant Purchase  Venerable Music
Noel Taylor Silver-Haired Sweetheart / Little Mother  Okeh41022  VG+/VG  grgrvs ,  scfs $3.99Instant Purchase  Venerable Music
Dorsey Brothers and Their Concery Orchestra Was It a Dream Pts 1 & 2  Okeh41083  VG++   $4.00Instant Purchase  Pure Shellac
Ted Wallace Beggers Of Life / Blue Shadows  Okeh41141  VG+  lam ,  scfs ,  ltscr $7.99Instant Purchase  Venerable Music
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