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Image Artist SongTitle Label Number Grade Defects Min.Bid StoreName
Danny Barker / Alyn Shipton (Edited By) Buddy Bolden And The Last Days Of Storyville Paper Items sku3 See Description :: See Description   $7.9578 reasons
Frederick Ramsey, Jr. Been Here And Gone Paper Items sku2 See Description :: See Description   $4.9578 reasons
Paul Oliver Songsters & Saints Paper Items sku1 See Description :: See Description   $8.9578 reasons
Peter D. Goldsmith Making People's Music, Moe Asch And Folkways Records Paper Items sku4 See Description :: See Description   $6.9578 reasons
Juan Tejeda / Alvarado Valdez Puro Conjunto - An Album In Words And Pictures Paper Items sku5 See Description :: See Description   $6.9578 reasons
Paul Oliver Thirty Years Of Blues Commentary - Off The Record Paper Items sku7 See Description :: See Description   $3.9578 reasons
Samuel Charters The Legacy Of The Blues - Art And Lives Of Twelve Great Bluesmen Paper Items sku8 See Description :: See Description   $2.9578 reasons
Charles Delaunay Hot Discography Paper Items sku9 See Description :: See Description   $2.9578 reasons
Charles K. Cowdrey / Raeburn Fleurlage (photograher) Blues Legends Paper Items sku10 See Description :: See Description   $3.9578 reasons
Bruce Crowther / Mike Pinfold The Jazz Singers - From Ragtime To New Wave Paper Items sku11 See Description :: See Description   $2.9578 reasons
Various Sing Out! Volume 31 / Number 1, Jan-Feb-Mar 1985 Paper Items sku12 See Description :: See Description   $2.9578 reasons
Arthur Collins What's The Use Of Loving If You Can't Love All The Time Zon-O-Phone 647 See Description :: See Description rst $4.9578 reasons
Arthur Collins All In, Down And Out Victor 5027 See Description :: See Description   $4.9578 reasons
Mississippi Sheiks Sitting On Top of the World No. 2/Times Done Got Hard Okeh 8854 See Description   $4.95Music Room
Fruit Jar Guzzlers Stack-O-Lee / Steel Driving Man Paramount 3121 G-/G   $8.99Venerable Music
Amos Neal She'll Be Coming 'Round The Mountain / Rock All Our Babies To Sleep Champion 15692 G :: G+/G lam ,  mld ,  ltscr $3.9578 reasons
Tenneva Ramblers Seven Long Years In Prison / If I Die A Railroad Man Victor 21406 G hc ,  npdig $4.99Venerable Music
Proximity String Quartet Lindy / Louise Columbia 15533 G eld $4.99Venerable Music
Roy Harvey Kitty Blye / Blue Eyes Broadway 8158 G sld ,  rst $4.99Venerable Music
Lee Brown Bobbie Town Boogie b/w My Little Girl Blues Chicago 104 G :: G+ grn ,  hc ,  mld ,  rst ,  dpscr ,  modstr $20.00Jay Bruder
Carter Family There's Someone Awaiting For Me b/w JImmie Brown The Newsboy Victor 23554 G :: G+ flk ,  grgrvs ,  eld ,  rst ,  scfs ,  dpscr ,  modstr $10.00Jay Bruder
Carter Family The Homestead On The Farm b/wThe Cyclone of Rycove Victor V-40207 G :: G grgrvs ,  mld ,  ltscr $10.00Jay Bruder
Kulani Trio Carolina Moon / Loneliness Champion 15706 G+/G :: G+ eld $3.99Venerable Music
Leo Soileau's Four Aces Birmingham Jail / My Wild Irish Rose Decca 5157 G+/G mld $3.99Venerable Music
Amos Easton B And O Blues / Queen Bee Blues Vocalion 1720 G+/G mld $8.99Venerable Music
Sister Clara Hudmon Now Is The Needy Time / My Loved Ones Are Waiting For Me Okeh 8851 G+/G   $19.99Venerable Music
Carson Brothers - Smith Oh! We Miss You / There Will Be A Bright Tomorrow Okeh 45013 G+/G   $3.99Venerable Music
Vaughan Quartet Jesus Is Precious To Me / Bringing In The Sheaves Paramount 3110 G+   $3.99Venerable Music
Gene Autry & Jimmy Long The Crime I Didn't Do / I'm Always Dreaming Of You Perfect 12830 G+ npdig $4.99Venerable Music
Gentry Brothers A Picture From Life's Other Side / There's No Disappointment In Heaven Challenge 667 G+ :: G-/G svstr $2.99Venerable Music
Light Crust Doughboys I'll Keep On Loving You / Little Rubber Dolly Vocalion 05120 G+ :: VG+ grgrvs $5.99Venerable Music
Clarence Ashley The House Carpenter/Old John Hardy Columbia 15654-D G+ eld ,  pdig ,  rst ,  dpscr $149.99Flaherty's Rarities
Lem Johnson Going Down Slow b/w Candy Blues Decca 7895 G+ :: VG- chd ,  grn ,  mld ,  scfs ,  dpscr ,  stog ,  modstr $10.00Jay Bruder
Little Milton If You Love Me b/w Alone And Blue Sun 200 G+ :: G+ mld ,  scfs ,  ltscr ,  modstr ,  tol $25.00Jay Bruder
Carter Family John Hardy b/w Bring Back My Blue-Eyed Boy To Me Victor V-40190 G+ :: G+ chd ,  mld ,  scfs ,  ltscr $10.00Jay Bruder
Carolina Ramblers String Band Ninety Nine Years / Worried Man Blues Oriole 8118 G++ :: VG- pdig $5.99Venerable Music
Smith's Garage Fiddle Band Beaumont Rag / Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Vocalion 5268 G++ pdig $49.99Venerable Music
Welling & McGhee Whosoever Meaneth Me / The Lily Of The Valley Vocalion 5251 G++   $3.99Venerable Music
Bouchillion Trio / Walburn & Hethcox She Doodle Dooed / K. C. Railroad Okeh 45004 G++ :: VG-   $19.99Venerable Music
Howard Keesee You And My Old Guitar / My Little Lady Supertone 9627 G++ :: VG/VG- modstr $4.99Venerable Music
Fleming & Townsend She's Always On My Mind / Gonna Quit Drinkin' When I Die Bluebird 5106 G++ :: VG/VG-   $4.99Venerable Music
Floyd County Ramblers The Story Of Frieda Bolt / Sunny Tennessee Victor 40307 G++ :: G+ scfs $6.99Venerable Music
Wade Mainer & Zeke Morris Little Pal / Little Maggie Bluebird 7201 VG-   $6.99Venerable Music
Ray Whitley Pretty Boy Floyd / Singin' A Song In Sing Sing Conqueror 8436 VG- :: VG grgrvs ,  pdig $5.99Venerable Music
Ann Charters The Ragtime Songbook Paper Items sku6 VG-   $4.9578 reasons
Frankie Marvin Oklahoma, Land Of The Sunny West / Yodeling Them Blues Away Conqueror 7424 VG- rst ,  ltstr $4.99Venerable Music
Bob Miller The Flemington Kidnapping Trial / Finger Prints Perfect 13124 VG-   $4.99Venerable Music
Red Fox Chasers Little Sweetheart Pal Of Mine / Put My Little Shoes Away Supertone 9535 VG- :: G++ mld ,  scfs ,  ltscr $7.99Venerable Music
Allison's Sacred Harp Singers Not Made With Hands / Happy Land Gennett 6691 VG- flk ,  hc ,  mld ,  ltscr $34.99Venerable Music
Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys Good Old Oklahoma / Mexicali Rose Vocalion 03086 VG- grgrvs ,  slt wrp $4.99Venerable Music
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