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Image Artist SongTitle Label Number Grade Defects Min.Bid StoreName
Spencer and Holt / Collins And Harlan Krausemeyer And His Dog / Closing Time In A Country Grocery Victor 17255 VG/VG- :: VG/VG- scfs $2.00Allen`s 78`s
Sascha Jacobson Traumerei / Berceuse Victor 17385 E- :: E-   $5.00Allen`s 78`s
Venetian Trio Humoreske / Berceuse From "Jocelyn" Victor 17454 E/E- :: E/E-   $5.00Allen`s 78`s
Van Eps Trio / Six Brown Brothers the Original Fox Trot / That Moaning Saxophone Rag Victor 17677 E/E-   $4.00Pure Shellac
Palie K. Lua - David K. Kaili Hawaiian Waltz Medley / Kilima Waltz Victor 17701 VG+ :: VG+   $5.00Allen`s 78`s
Palie K. Lua - David K. Kaili Kohala March / Honolulu March Victor 17710 VG :: VG scfs ,  bascr ,  tol $5.00Allen`s 78`s
United States Marine Band Treue zu Kaiser und Reich / Mit Bomben und Granaten Victor 17731 VG :: VG scfs $2.00Allen`s 78`s
Irene West Royal Hawaiians Hilo-Hawaiian March / Wailana Waltz (Drowsy Waters) Victor 17767 E- :: E-   $5.00Allen`s 78`s
Pale K. Lua & David Kaili Aloha Oe! (Farewell to Thee) / The Rosary Victor 17803 VG+   $4.99Venerable Music
McKee Trio A Perfect Day / Mother Machree Victor 17835 E- :: E- bascr $5.00Allen`s 78`s
Vess L. Ossman Good Scout--One-Step / Universal Fox Trot Victor 17952 VG+/VG :: VG+/VG scfs $2.00Allen`s 78`s
Neapolitan Trio / Venetian Trio I Hear You Calling Me / Little Grey Home In The West Victor 17979 E- :: E-   $5.00Allen`s 78`s
Fred Van Eps Daly`s Reel--One-Step and Buck Dance / Medley Of Southern Melodies Victor 18116 VG+ :: VG+ scfs ,  bascr $5.00Allen`s 78`s
McKee Trio Serenade--Good-Night, Beloved! / Bohemian Girl Melodies Victor 18190 E/E- :: E/E- tol $5.00Allen`s 78`s
Van Eps Trio Teasing The Cat--One-Step / On The Dixie Highway--One-Step Victor 18226 VG- :: VG- rc ,  scfs ,  ltscr $2.00Allen`s 78`s
Horace Wright-Rene Dietrich Lei Aloha / My Hawaiian Maid--Medley Victor 18228 VG- :: VG- scfs ,  ltscr $2.00Allen`s 78`s
Tuskegee Institute Singers (1) Roll, Jordan Roll (2) I Want God`s Heaven To Be Mine / Nobody Knows The Trouble I See Victor 18237 E- :: E-   $5.00Allen`s 78`s
Marimba Centro Americana de Guatemala Capitan Betty / Besame Victor 18292 E   $4.00Pure Shellac
Henry Burr / Percy Hemus Just A Baby`s Prayer At Twighlight / On THe Road To Home Sweet Home Victor 18439 VG++ :: VG++ bascr $5.00Allen`s 78`s
Joseph C. Smith`s Orchestra / Paul Biese And His Novelty Orchestra Karavan / When You`re All Alone Victor 18662 VG :: VG scfs ,  bascr $2.00Allen`s 78`s
Henry Burr / Sterling Trio Broadway Rose / Mother`s Lullaby Victor 18710 VG :: VG scfs $2.00Allen`s 78`s
Myers & Hanford My Old Kentucky Home & Old Black Joe / Down In Arkansaw Victor 18767 VG+   $4.99Venerable Music
Frank Ferera - Anthony Franchini Drowsy Head / Isle Of Paradise Victor 18771 VG :: VG scfs $2.00Allen`s 78`s
The Virginians Farewell Blues / Apple Sauce Victor 19032 VG++ sld $4.00Pure Shellac
Wilfred Glenn and Shannon Quartet / Shannon Quartet Cowboy Song - Whoopee Ti Yi Yo / Levee Song - I've Been Working on the Railroad Victor 19059 E++   $10.00Pure Shellac
NOBLE SISSLE EUBIE BLAKE Down Hearted Blues/Waitin for the Evelin Mail Victor 19086 E-   $7.00Blaesing COuntry Collection
Henry Burr Silver Threads Among The Gold / When You And I Were Young, Maggie Victor 19112 E- :: E-   $2.00Allen`s 78`s
Piron's New Orleans Orchestra Do Doodle Oom / West Indies Blues Victor 19255 E++   $9.99Venerable Music
A.C. (Eck) Robertson Sallie Johnson and Billy In The Low Ground / Done Gone Victor 19372 VG+ :: VG+ scfs $5.00Allen`s 78`s
Louis A. Keaumoku and Hawaiian Quartet Na Lei O Hawaii / Wai Punalu Victor 19477 E- :: E- scfs ,  tol $5.00Allen`s 78`s
Marcia Freer - Lewis James Drifting To You / At The End Of The Sunset Trail Victor 19483 E- :: E-   $5.00Allen`s 78`s
Frank Crumit Insufficient Swetie / Get Yourself a Broom and Sweep Your Troubles Away Victor 19549 E-   $4.00Pure Shellac
Kelly Harrell Butcher`s Boy / I Wish I Was A Single Girl Again Victor 19563 VG :: VG scfs ,  ltscr $5.00Allen`s 78`s
Alika Hawaiian Trio Hello Hilo / Hot Tamale Molly Victor 19591 VG :: VG scfs $5.00Allen`s 78`s
Paul Whiteman And His Orchestra Ah-Ha! / Just A Little Drink Victor 19666 VG- :: VG- scfs $2.00Allen`s 78`s
Coon-Sanders Original Nighthawk Orchestra / Meyer Davis' Le Paradis Band Alone At Last/Stop Flirting Victor 19728 VG+/VG scfs ,  bascr $7.95Rare78s
Vernon Dalhart Blue Ridge Mountain Blues / She`s Comin` `Round The Mountain Victor 19811 VG :: VG sld ,  scfs $2.00Allen`s 78`s
Homer Rodeheaver Forgive Me Lord / The Old Rugged Cross Victor 19875 VG+/VG   $4.99Venerable Music
Gene Austin Sleepy Time Gal / Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue Victor 19899 E/E-   $4.00Pure Shellac
The Troubadours When I Dream Of The Last Waltz With You / Kosher Kitty Kelly Victor 19900 VG+ :: VG+ ltscr $2.00Allen`s 78`s
Jimmy Smith Southern Medley Soft Shoe Dance / Mountain Blues Victor 20020 E- :: E- tol $10.00Allen`s 78`s
Frank Ferera - John K. Paaluhi Kohala March / Honolulu March Victor 20027 VG+ :: VG+ scfs $5.00Allen`s 78`s
George Olsen and His Music / Irving Aaronson and His Commanders Katinka / Hard-To-Get Gertie Victor 20100 VG- :: VG- scfs $2.00Allen`s 78`s
The Tietge Sisters There`s No One Like Mother To Me / My Wild Irish Rose Victor 20189 VG :: VG scfs $5.00Allen`s 78`s
Ernest V. Stoneman - Kahle Brewer All Go Hungry Hash House / West Virginia Highway Victor 20237 E- :: E- scfs $10.00Allen`s 78`s
Four Aristocrats Don't Sing Aloha When I Go / She's Still My Baby Victor 20314 VG :: VG mld $4.9578 reasons
Hilo Hawaiian Orchestra Aloha Oe! / The Rosary Victor 20516 VG/VG- :: VG/VG- grn ,  scfs $5.00Allen`s 78`s
Carolina Tar Heels I`m Going To Georgia / There Ain`t No Use Working So Hard Victor 20544 G++ :: G++ grgrvs ,  mld ,  scfs ,  ltscr ,  stog $5.00Allen`s 78`s
Sheffield Male Quartet What Did He Do / Christ Arose Victor 20554 VG :: VG/VG- grn ,  sld $3.99Venerable Music
Vernon Dalhart I`ll Be With You When The Roses Bloom Again / The Mississippi Flood Victor 20611 VG+ :: VG+   $5.00Allen`s 78`s
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