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Image Artist SongTitle Label Number Grade Defects Min.Bid StoreName
Mac and Bob What a Friend We Have in Mother / There Must Be a Bright Tomorrow Okeh 5613 E   $4.00Pure Shellac
Charlie Spand Gold Tooth Mama / Hoodoo Woman Blues Okeh 05757 E+   $9.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Mitchell's Christian Singers The Bridegroom's Coming / Walk With Me Okeh 05786 E   $8.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Curtis Jones Treat Me Like I Treat You / Love Land Blues Okeh 05947 E+/E   $8.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Big Bill Broonzy Bed Time Blues / Serenade Blues Okeh 05983 E+   $9.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Curtis Jones Too Many Blues / It's A Solid Sender Okeh 06186 E bascr $7.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Ollie Shepard True Love Blues / Pay Day Blues Okeh 06533 E+/E mod wrp $7.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys We Might As Well Forget It / You're From Texas Okeh 6722 VG++ :: VG+   $2.99Really Old Records
Fiddling John CARSON / Virginia Reelers Sugar in Gourd/Dixie Divison (Hot string band) Okeh 7003 12" E bascr $129.00Blaesing COuntry Collection
Fiddlin' John Carson Dixie Cowboy / John Henry Blues Okeh 7004 VG+/VG ltscr $12.99Minerva Records Consignments
Fiddlin' John Carson The Baggage Caoch Ahead / The Orphan Child Okeh 7006 VG+/VG eld ,  dpscr $12.99Minerva Records Consignments
Treniers Get Out of the Car/Who Put the "Ungh" in the Mambo Okeh 7050 E- sld $4.95Music Room
Sara Martin Come Home Papa Blues / It Takes A Long Time To Get 'Em But You Can Lose 'Em Overnight Okeh 8061 VG- scfs ,  ltscr ,  modstr $8.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Eva Taylor & Clarence Williams' Blue Five Barefoot Blues / Do It A Long Time Okeh 8073 VG grgrvs ,  ltstr $8.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Helen Baxter Daddy Ease It To Me/Satisfied Blues Okeh 8080 E- pdig $4.95Music Room
Sara Martin Sweet Man Was The Cause Of It All / Sympathizing Blues Okeh 8088 VG+ :: VG++ slt wrp $9.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Eva Taylor with Clarence Williams Blue Five Original Charleston Strut / If You Don't, I Know Who Will Okeh 8089 G- svstr $4.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Sara Martin I've Got To Go And Leave My Daddy Behind/Roamin Blues Okeh 8104 VG- :: VG- grgrvs ,  scfs ,  ltscr $6.95Rare78s
Reese Dupree O Saroo Saroo / Long Ago Blues Okeh 8113 VG- sld $14.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Kentucky Trio God Gonna Set This World On Fire / Shine For Jesus Okeh 8120 VG+/VG grn $9.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
No ImageVirginia Liston I Never Knew What The Blues Were (Until You Went Away) / Don't Agitate Me Blues Okeh 8151 VG/VG- grgrvs ,  stog $8.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Horace George, Charles & Effie Tyus Emancipation Day In Georgia / The Meal Is Low In The Barrel Blues Okeh 8164 G+ scfs ,  ltscr $7.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Butterbeans & Susie Hydrant Love (Turn It On, Shut It Off) / Brown Skin Gal Okeh 8219 VG   $11.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Lonnie Johnson Very Lonesome Blues / Love Story Blues Okeh 8282 VG+/VG grgrvs ,  stog ,  mod wrp $89.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Sloppy Henry Alias Charley Jones Blues / Goose Pecked Man Okeh 8334 G+ mld $9.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Victoria Spivey Garter - Snake Blues / Christmas Mornin' Blues Okeh 8517 G++   $8.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Stovepipe No. 1 & David Crockett Bed Slats / A Chicken Can Waltz The Gravy Around Okeh 8543 VG- eld $24.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Johnson-Nelson-Porkchop G. Burns Is Gonna Rise Again / In The Mornin' Okeh 8577 E/E- lam ,  stog $124.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Rev. J. M. Gates Hell Wasn't Made For A Man / The Eagle Stirs Her Nest Okeh 8582 E+   $14.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Texas Alexander Bantam Rooster Blues (-B) / Deep Blue Sea Blues (-B) Okeh 8591 VG++ :: VG+ pot lam ,  ltscr $14.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Gladys Bentley Wild Geese Blues / How Much Can I Stand? Okeh 8643 E/E-   $39.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Tampa Joe & Macon Ed Wringing That Thing / Worrying Blues Okeh 8676 VG grgrvs ,  lam $69.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Little Hat Jones New Two Sixteen Blues / Two String Blues Okeh 8712 VG+/VG grgrvs $149.99Venerable Music Consignments 2
Golden Crown Quartet The Sign Of Judgement / Scandalize My Name Okeh 8739 VG+ :: VG grgrvs ,  rst ,  ltstr $19.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Mississippi Sheiks Alberta Blues / Winter Time Blues Okeh 8773 E+   $199.99Venerable Music Consignments 2
Lonnie Johnson & Spencer Williams Bull Frog And The Toad / Monkey And The Baboon - Part 2 Okeh 8802 VG :: VG+/VG hc ,  ltstr $14.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Bo Carter Ram Rod Daddy / Ants In My Pants Okeh 8897 E/E-   $124.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Joe Maphis And Rose Lee Please Mister Mailman/I'm A Stranger In My Home Okeh 18024 E+ tol $6.95Rare78s
Lillian Morton That's My Mammy! / When I Lost You Okeh 41053 VG lam ,  mld ,  dpscr $4.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Louis Armstrong & His Hot Five West End Blues / Fireworks Okeh 41078 VG hc ,  scfs $14.99Venerable Music Consignments 2
Frank Hutchison The West Virginia Rag/Coney Island Okeh 45083 VG :: VG- grgrvs ,  mld ,  scfs ,  ltscr $11.95Rare78s
Earl Johnson Earl Johnson's Arkansaw Traveler / Twinkle Little Star Okeh 45156 VG++   $14.99Venerable Music Consignments 2
D. H. BILBRO C & N.W. Blues/Mohana Blues (Great Blues Harp) Okeh 45278 E++   $139.00Blaesing COuntry Collection
Johnny Dodds THE RAILROAD BOOMER / FRANKIE & JOHNNY Okeh 45417 VG+ :: VG+   $39.99Garoncollection
Fiddlin John Carson / Moonshine Kate Kate's Snuff Box / Pa's Birthday Party Okeh 45440 VG+/VG scfs $9.99Minerva Records Consignments
Sonny Thompson Fish part 1/part 2 Old Swing-Master 1011 E   $4.95Music Room
Korean Korean Orient Record 801 VG/VG-   $4.00Pure Shellac
Blue Chips Why Don't You Pray For Me Sometimes / Give Me That Old Time Religion Oriole 6-07-60 VG+/VG grgrvs ,  sld ,  ndr $8.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Hazel Myers Plug-Ugly / Tain't A Doggone Thing But The Blues Oriole 266 G++ flk ,  eld ,  pdig ,  ltscr $6.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Frank & James McCravy / Pickard Family The Resurrection Morning / Life's Railway To Heaven Oriole 1934 VG+ grn $7.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
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