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Image Artist SongTitle Label Number Grade Defects Min.Bid StoreName
Norfolk Jubilee Quartette Ezekiel Saw De Wheel / Crying Holy Unto The Lord Paramount 12217 VG- :: VG- crk ,  scfs ,  ltscr $2.00Allen`s 78`s
Charlie Jackson Papa's Lawdy Lawdy Blues/Airy Man Blues Paramount 12219 VG   $200.0078 Treasures
BLIND BLAKE BOOTLEG RUM DUM BLUES / LOW DOWN LOVING GAL Paramount 12695 VG- npdig ,  ndr ,  rst ,  ltscr $96.00Papsrecords
Ramblin' Thomas Jig Head Blues / Hard Dallas Blues Paramount 12708 VG grn ,  mld $249.99Venerable Music
John H. Bertrand & Milton Pitre Cousinne Lilly / Miserable Paramount 12725 VG- flk $69.99Venerable Music
Blind Joe Taggart Religion Is Something Within You / Mother's Love Paramount 12744 G+   $19.99Venerable Music
Clarence Williams Orch. New Down Home Rag/Squeeze Me Paramount 14008 E+/E stog $14.95Rare78s
Frank Luther / Greene Brothers I Don't Work For A Living / Jews Harp Bill Parlophone E 6357 VG+   $4.99Venerable Music
Frankie Trumbauer And His Orchestra Ostrich Walk/Riverboat Schuffle Parlophone R2492 E+/E   $24.95Rare78s
Bessie Smith Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out/Back-Water Blues Parlophone $2481 E+   $19.95Rare78s
Joe Sullivan Gin Mill Blues/Honeysuckle Rose Parlophone R1686 E+   $14.95Rare78s
Bix Beiderbecke & His Orchestra / Frankie Trumbauer & His Orch. Jubilee/Since My Best Girl Turned Me Down Parlophone R2054 E+/E scfs $24.95Rare78s
Lady Cantor Madam Sophie Kurtzer Kol Adoshem Yecholei Ayoles / Kiddush Pathe 03688 VG+/VG slt wrp $9.99Really Old Records
Original Memphis Five / New Synco Jazz Band Four O'Clock Blues / Whoa Tillie Take Your Time Pathe Actuelle 020893 VG+   $9.00Stephen's Shellac
Ferera's Hawaiian Instrumental Quartet Hula Hua Rose / Just A Breath Of Hawaii Pathe Actuelle 021058 VG+/VG :: VG+/VG ltscr $6.9578 Reasons
Original Memphis Five / Nathan Glantz and his Orchestra Thais "Meditation" / Italian Rose" Pathe Actuelle 036208 VG+ sld ,  rc ,  scfs ,  ltscr $9.00Stephen's Shellac
Lew Childre Hang Out Your Front Door Key / The Fishing Blues Perfect 6-06-51 VG modstr ,  slt wrp $7.99Venerable Music
Johnny Johnson and his Orchestra Shooting High/I Feel Like A Feather In The Breeze Perfect 6-02-02 E   $9.95Rare78s
Lew Childre Hang Out Your Front Door Key / The Fishing Blues Perfect 6-06-51 E/E- :: E-   $10.00Allen`s 78`s
Callahan Brothers Take The News To Mother / Maple On The Hill Perfect 6-06-57 VG+/VG :: VG+/VG scfs $5.00Allen`s 78`s
Roy Acuff & His Crazy Tennesseeans Gonna Have A Big Time Tonight / Yes Sir, That's My Baby Perfect 7-04-75 VG+/VG grgrvs $8.99Venerable Music
Coon Creek Girls / Carter Family Pretty Polly / Beautiful Isle O'Er The Sea Perfect 16-102 E+   $7.99Venerable Music
Miss Lee Morse My Old Kentucky Home / Old Folks At Home Perfect 11600 E++   $10.00Pure Shellac
Vernon Dalhart and Ed Smalle / Frank Wright and Frank Bessinger Go, Emmaline / Louise Perfect 12171 E++   $10.00Pure Shellac
Sargent and Marvin (Johnny) / Frank Wright and Frank Bessinger (Radio Franks) Sunshine / When You Send a Four Leaf Clover Perfect 12176 E++   $10.00Pure Shellac
Macy and Scott (Radio Aces) Sure He's My Boy Jimmy / In Shadowland Perfect 12178 E++   $10.00Pure Shellac
Al Bernard Moonlight in Waikiki / Let Me Be The First to Kiss You Perfect 12185 E++   $10.00Pure Shellac
Vernon Dalhart / Ernest Stoneman The Wreck Of The Royal Palm / In The Shadow Of The Pine Perfect 12459 E- :: VG++ scfs ,  ltscr $7.99Venerable Music
Carson Robison Trio / John White Red River Valley / I'm Just A Black Shhep Perfect 12591 VG+/VG :: VG+ grgrvs $5.99Venerable Music
Cliff Carlisle Shanghai Rooster Yodel / Going Back To Alabama Perfect 12778 E/E- :: E- grn $11.99Venerable Music
Blue Ridge Mountain Entertainers Washington & Lee Swing / Goodnight Waltz Perfect 12782 VG+/VG :: VG flk ,  ltscr $5.00Allen`s 78`s
Blue Ridge Mountain Entertainers Ashley & Abernathy; Ashley & Green Perfect 12800 VG+ grgrvs $9.99Venerable Music
Gene Autry & Jimmy Long The Crime I Didn't Do / I'm Always Dreaming Of You Perfect 12830 G+ npdig $4.99Venerable Music
Cliff Carlisle Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad / Dang My Rowdy Soul Perfect 12935 VG+ grgrvs $8.99Venerable Music
Callahan Brothers She's My Curly Headed Baby / Once I Had A Darling Mother Perfect 12973 VG grgrvs ,  dpscr ,  ltstr $6.99Venerable Music
Bill Cox Hard Luck Blues / N. R. A. Blues Perfect 13090 VG :: VG/VG-   $6.99Venerable Music
Goebel Reeves The Texas Drifter's Warning / The Tramp's Mother Perfect 13099 E- grn $8.99Venerable Music
Callahan Brothers Corn Licker Rag / Would If I Could (But I Can't) Perfect 13121 VG flk ,  scfs ,  ltscr $8.99Venerable Music
Lanin's Arcadians / Golden Gate Orchestra Not Yet Suzette / Lot Of Mama Perfect 14258 VG+/VG :: VG+/VG   $3.9578 Reasons
Frank Ferera Struming Uke Blues / Ukelele Dreams Perfect 14435 E++   $10.00Pure Shellac
Harry Hunt's Imperial Orchestra, Oklahoma U.S.A. / Harry Barth's Mississippians Down The LaneI'll Be With You When The Roses Bloom Again Perfect 14823 VG++ stog $5.95Rare78s
C. and M.A. Gospel Quintette The Hallelujah Side / He`s Coming Back Again Personal Record 91409/91411 VG++ :: VG+ flk $10.00Allen`s 78`s
Unidentified Performers Swing Your Partner / Whistle While You Work Picture-Play Records / Record Guild of America PR11 VG+   $19.99Really Old Records
Unidentified Performers Hansel and Gretel / Cinderella Picture-Play Records / Record Guild of America PR7 VG+ :: VG   $19.99Really Old Records
McCormick Brothers Are You Feeling Blues / Bugle Call Rag Quality 1476 E+   $7.99Venerable Music
Homer Rodeheaver / Mixed Quartet Carry Your Cross With A Smile / When You Know Jesus, Too Rainbow 1005 VG+ :: VG+   $5.00Allen`s 78`s
Mrs. Asher And Homer Rodeheaver Who Could It Be / My Wonderful Dream Rainbow 1008 VG :: VG scfs ,  bascr $5.00Allen`s 78`s
Homer Rodeheaver / Mrs. Asher How Tedious And Tasteless The Hours / In The Garden Rainbow 1011 E- :: E-   $5.00Allen`s 78`s
Homer Rodeheaver / Mrs. Asher The Half Has Never Yet Been Told / The Old Rugged Cross Rainbow 1015 E- :: VG++   $10.00Allen`s 78`s
Carter Family You Tied A Love Knot In My Heart / You're Gonna Be Sorry You Let Me Down - Previously Unissued Vinyl Pressing RCA Victor CNV-105 E+/E scfs $9.99Venerable Music
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