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Image Artist SongTitle Label Number Grade Defects Min.Bid StoreName
Clifford Hayes' Louisville Stompers Bare-Foot Stomp / Bye-Bye Blues Victor 21489 VG+ :: VG+/VG sld $19.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Jimmie Davis Gather Round Ye Children/Pea Pickin Victor 23573 E++   $149.00Blaesing COuntry Collection
Bob Dickson I Forgot the License/Sweet Violet Victor 23633 E+   $9.99Blaesing COuntry Collection
Jimmie Rodgers Down The old Road To Home / Hobo's Meditation Victor 23711 E-   $14.95Minerva Records Consignments
Radio Mac Haywire Orch Bald Top Mountain/Gambler Advice Victor 23829 E+/E   $24.00Blaesing COuntry Collection
Maxine Sullivan Night and Day / It Ain't Necessarily So Victor 26132 VG++   $5.00Pure Shellac
Glenn Miller and his Orchestra Kalamazoo / At Last Victor 27934 E-   $4.00Pure Shellac
Rev. William Ransom Abraham Have Mercy On Me / He Shall Speak For Himself - 12" Victor 35855 VG+/VG :: VG   $14.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Rev. J. M. Gates You've Got To Lay Down And Die Some Day - Unissued Take Victor 36486-4 E sld $19.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Andrew & Jim Baxter Forty Drops / Georgia Stomp Victor 38002 G   $24.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Duke Ellington and His Cotton Club Orchestra Bandana Babies/I Must Have That Man Victor 38007 VG++ :: VG+ grgrvs ,  scfs ,  bascr $24.95Rare78s
Elder Charles Beck Talk On Talkers - Vinyl Master Pressing Victor 038101-1 E+   $19.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Cannon's Jug Stompers Viola Lee Blues / Heart Breakin' Blues Victor 38523 G+ grgrvs ,  rc $149.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Bethel Quartet Brother Cain Struck Abel / Moses Gonna Chunk Dat Melon Down Victor 38530 VG+ grn $19.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Minnie Wallace The Old Folks Started It / Dirty Butter Victor 38547 VG/VG- scfs ,  ltscr $139.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Clifford Gibson Ice And Snow Blues / Drayman Blues Victor 38562 VG/VG- grgrvs ,  pdig $149.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Victoria Spivey & Harold Grey Gotta Have What It Takes - Parts 1 & 2 Victor 38609 VG+/VG :: VG ltscr ,  stog ,  wol $49.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Jimmie Rodgers Blue Yodel No. 4 / Waiting For A Train (R) Victor 40014 VG+ mod wrp $7.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Jules Allen Girl I Left Behind Me/Zebra Dunn Victor 40022 E++   $49.00Blaesing COuntry Collection
FLETCHER & FOSTER Charlotte Hot Step/ Red Rose Rag Victor 40232 E++ :: E+ tol $299.00Blaesing COuntry Collection
Frank Stokes 'Tain't Nobody's Business - Part 1, Vinyl Master Pressing Victor 45452-1 E++   $59.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Fritz Kreisler Old Folks At Home Victor 64130 E-   $4.00Pure Shellac
John McCormack My Wild Irish Rose Victor 64426 E-   $5.00Pure Shellac
Jan Kubelik Pierrot's Serenade Victor 74256 VG++ tol $4.00Pure Shellac
Alma Gluck and Male Chorus Carry Me Back To Old Virginny Victor 74420 E/E-   $4.00Pure Shellac
Bill Jazz Gillum Don't You Scandalize My Name - Uncut Shellac Test Victor 100314-1 VG+ scfs $9.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Loy Clingman / Al Casey and Arizona Hayriders Uranium Blues/Time Wounds All Heels Viv 2000 E-   $4.95Music Room
Rosetta Crawford Stop It, Joe / My Man Jumped Salty On Me Vocalion S.240 VG++   $8.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Blind Joe Taggart & Emma Taggart I'll Be Satisfied / I Wish My Mother Was On That Train Vocalion 1063 VG/VG-   $24.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Rev. S. J. Worell Christ's Baptism / He 'Rose From The Dead Vocalion 1089 E- :: VG++ grn $14.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
William Francis & Richard Sowell John Henry Blues / Roubin Blues Vocalion 1090 VG+/VG   $49.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Furry Lewis Jellyroll / Mr. Furry's Blues Vocalion 1115 G++   $124.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Jim Jackson Kansas City Blues - Parts 3 & 4 Vocalion 1155 VG :: VG- flk $59.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Lulu Jackson You're Going To Leave The Old Home, Jim / Careless Love Blues Vocalion 1193 VG++ :: VG+ flk ,  ltscr $14.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Hound Head Henry Freight Train Special / Steamboat Blues Vocalion 1208 VG- scfs ,  ltscr ,  ltstr $24.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Henry Thomas / Georgia Tom and Tampa Red Arkansas/Pat That Bread Vocalion 1286 VG- :: VG/VG- grgrvs ,  ndr ,  scfs ,  bascr ,  ltstr $99.95Rare78s
Rev. E. W. Clayborn Just Beyond The Jordan River / I Have A Home In The Sky Vocalion 1402 E+/E   $169.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Tampa Red Things 'Bout Coming My Way / Cotton Seed Blues Vocalion 1637 G sld ,  stog $8.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Rev. A. W. Nix The Fast Life Will Bring You Down / Some Folks Don't Know What They Want Vocalion 1659 E+   $79.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Amos Easton Greasy Greens / I'm Waitin' On You Vocalion 1719 E flk $49.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Ashley & Foster SIDELINE BLUES / Bay Rum Blues Vocalion 02611 VG :: VG ltstr $30.00Garoncollection
Leroy Carr & Scrapper Blackwell Mean Mistreater Mama / Blues Before Sunrise Vocalion 02657 VG crk ,  grgrvs ,  pdig $8.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Leroy Carr & Scrapper Blackwell Blues She Gave Me / You Can't Run My Business No More Vocalion 02681 G++   $9.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Amos Easton Bad Gal / Burned Down Mill Vocalion 02885 VG+ :: VG+/VG   $14.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Smith's Sacred Singers / Rev Thrasher Jesus Prayed / Life's Railway to Heaven Vocalion 02921 E-   $8.99Minerva Records Consignments
Alfoncy Harris No Good Guy - Part II / Absent Freight Train Blues Vocalion 02996 VG- ltstr $9.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
State Street Boys She Caught The Train / Don't Tear My Clothes Vocalion 03002 VG+ :: VG grgrvs $19.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Casey Bill Weldon You Just As Well Let Her Go / Big Bill Blues (These Blues Are Doggin' Me) Vocalion 03274 VG :: VG- grgrvs $9.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Earl Hines and his Orchestra I Can't Believe that You're In Love With Me / Rhythm Sundae Vocalion 3467 VG+ :: VG++ tol ,  wol $5.00Pure Shellac
Norridge Mayhams & His Barbecue Boys Sloppy Drunk Woman / 'Taint No Use Vocalion 03495 VG++ ltscr $19.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
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