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Image Artist SongTitle Label Number Grade Defects Min.Bid StoreName
Floyd Tillman I Love You So Much It Hurts / I'll Take What I Can Get Columbia 20430 E+   $6.99Speed Demon
Clay Everhart & The North Carolina Cooper Boys Standing By A Window / The Rose With A Broken Stem Columbia 15737 VG+/VG grgrvs $99.99Venerable Music
Charlie Poole with the North Carolina Ramblers Good-Bye Sweet Liza Jane / Look Before You Leap Columbia 15601 VG grgrvs ,  ltscr $39.99Venerable Music
Fred & Gertrude Gossett All The Good Times Are Passed And Gone / Go Bury Me Columbia 15596 E+   $24.99Venerable Music
Arthur Tanner & Riley Puckett Bring Back My Blue-Eyed Boy / Gather The Flowers Columbia 15577 VG/VG- :: VG   $19.99Venerable Music
Smith's Sacred Singers You Can't Do Wrong At Get By / Labor On Columbia 15517 E   $7.99Venerable Music
Leake County Revelers Sweet Rose Of Heaven / Beautiful Bells Columbia 15501 VG+ rst ,  slt wrp $9.99Venerable Music
Smith's Sacred Singers Endless Joy Is Waiting Over There / What A Gathering That Will Be Columbia 15471 VG+ dpscr ,  stog $8.99Venerable Music
Deal Family The Glory Train / Rocking On The Waves Columbia 15451 VG++ ltscr $7.99Venerable Music
Skillet Lickers Corn Licker Still In Georgia - Parts 7 & 8 Columbia 15432 VG/VG- rc $5.99Venerable Music
Riley Puckett Carolina Moon / Will You Ever Think Of Me Columbia 15393 VG+   $5.99Venerable Music
Vernon Dalhart Wreck Of The N & W Cannon Ball / Low Bridge Everybody Down (Fifteen Years On The Erie Canal) Columbia 15378 VG+   $4.99Venerable Music
Earl Shirkey & Roy Harvey Poor Little Joe / We Parted At The Gate Columbia 15376 VG++   $9.99Venerable Music
Darby & Tarlton Birmingham Jail No. 2 / Lonesome Railroad Columbia 15375 VG- :: VG/VG- flk ,  grn ,  ltstr $6.99Venerable Music
Lowe Stokes & His North Georgians Wave That Frame / Take Me To The Land Of Jazz Columbia 15367 G+ ltstr $4.99Venerable Music
Mc Michen Layne String Orchestra Down The Ozark Trail / Daisies Won't Tell Columbia 15356 VG+/VG rst ,  ltscr $7.99Venerable Music
Smith's Sacred Singers Keep On Climbing / The Unclouded Day Columbia 15351 VG :: VG/VG- grgrvs $4.99Venerable Music
Rev. M. L. Thrasher I'll Keep Singing On / Walk In The Light Of God Columbia 15335 VG- :: VG   $3.99Venerable Music
Skillet Lickers A Day At The County Fair - Parts 1 & 2 Columbia 15332 E tol ,  mod wrp $14.99Venerable Music
Roane County Ramblers Home Town Blues / Southern No. 111 Columbia 15328 VG++ :: E-   $29.99Venerable Music
Chris Bouchillon I Got Mine/Oyster Stew Columbia 15317 G++ scfs ,  ltscr ,  stog $4.95Rare78s
Frank Blevins & His Tar Heel Rattlers Don't Get Trouble In Your Mind / Nine Pound Hammer Columbia 15280 VG+ :: VG+/VG flk ,  grgrvs $39.99Venerable Music
Dan Hornsby Trio On Mobile Bay / I Want A Girl (Just Like The Girl That Married Dear Old Dad) Columbia 15276 E-   $8.99Venerable Music
Riley Puckett & Hugh Cross Where The Morning Glories Grow / My Wild Irish Rose Columbia 15266 VG scfs ,  ltscr $4.99Venerable Music
Clayton McMichen & Dan Hornsby The Original Arkansas Traveler - Parts 1 & 2 Columbia 15253 VG+   $8.99Venerable Music
Riley Puckett All Bound 'Round With The Mason Dixon Line / M-O-T-H-E-R Columbia 15250 E- ltstr $8.99Venerable Music
Happy Four Come And Dine / Climbing Up The Golden Stairs Columbia 15225 VG+ grgrvs ,  stog $8.99Venerable Music
Frank Blevins & His Tar Heel Rattlers Old Aunt Betsy / Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss Columbia 15210 VG++   $19.99Venerable Music
Burnett and Rutherford Billy in the Low Ground / Ladies on the Steamboat Columbia 15209-D G+   $4.99Upstairs 78s
McMichen's Melody Men Aloha Oe / The Missouri Waltz Columbia 15202 VG- mld $6.99Venerable Music
Riley Puckett My Poodle Dog / My Puppy Bud Columbia 15196 VG :: VG+/VG flk $5.99Venerable Music
The Happy Four / Copperhill Male Quartet He Knows How/There's A Fountain Filled With Blood Columbia 15164 VG/VG- grgrvs ,  pdig ,  scfs ,  ltscr $4.95Rare78s
Chris Bouchillon Born In Hard Luck/The Medicine Show Columbia 15151 VG lam ,  rc ,  scfs ,  ltscr $4.95Rare78s
Riley Puckett Jack & Joe / Down In Arkansas Columbia 15139 VG- ltstr $4.99Venerable Music
Blue Ridge Highballers Darneo / Darling Child Columbia 15132 VG+ lam ,  mld ,  rst $8.99Venerable Music
The Wisdom Sisters A Charge To Keep/Jesus Is All The World To Me Columbia 15112-D E+/E   $10.00Basement Archive
Smith's Sacred Singers The Eastern Gate/Shouting On The Hills Columbia 15110-D E+   $10.00Basement Archive
Dock Walsh / Gid Tanner & Fate Norris Travelling Man / Goodbye Booze Columbia 15105 VG+   $9.99Venerable Music
Riley Puckett Sally Goodwin / Ida Red Columbia 15102 VG+ ltstr $9.99Venerable Music
Charlie Poole With The North Carolina Ramblers White House Blues/Monkey On A String Columbia 15099 VG- grgrvs ,  sld ,  scfs ,  dpscr $7.95Rare78s
Smith's Sacred Singers Pictures From Life's Other Side/Where We'll Never Grow Old Columbia 15090-D VG+ grgrvs $6.00Basement Archive
Vernon Dalhart John The Baptist / The Tramp Columbia 15086 VG+ lam ,  ltscr $4.99Venerable Music
Miner Hawkins A Coal Miner's Dream / The Song Of The Sea Columbia 15067 VG+/VG scfs ,  ltscr ,  stog $8.99Venerable Music
Riley Puckett The Boston Burglar / The Orphan Girl Columbia 15050 VG++   $8.99Venerable Music
Vernon Dalhart The Rovin' Gambler / The Wreck Of The 1256 (On The Main Line Of The C. & O.) Columbia 15034 VG++ pdig $4.99Venerable Music
Gid Tanner & Riley Puckett The Arkansaw Traveler / Fox Chase Columbia 15017 E-   $9.99Venerable Music
Riley Puckett Swanee River / Spanish Cavalier Columbia 15003 VG++ :: E- lam $7.99Venerable Music
Rev. J. M. Milton The Black Camel Of Death / A Four Day Ramble Columbia 14501 E++   $39.99Venerable Music
Texas Jubilee Singers He's The Lily Of The Valley/He's Coming Soon Columbia 14445-D G mld ,  rc $15.00Basement Archive
Alec Johnson Next Week Sometime / Toodle Doo Columbia 14416 VG sld ,  ltscr ,  tol $39.99Venerable Music
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