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Image Artist SongTitle Label Number Grade Defects Min.Bid StoreName
Pete Johnson & Albert Ammons Foot Pedal Boogie / Movin' The Boogie Victor 27507 E   $7.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Duke Ellington Harlemania / Japanese Dream Victor 38045 E sld $14.99Venerable Music Consignments 2
Jelly Roll Morton Courthouse Bump / Sweet Aneta Mine Victor 38093 G++ pdig $9.99Venerable Music Consignments 2
Four Wanderers In My Father's House / Preaching Of The Elder Victor 38545 VG- :: VG/VG- grgrvs $9.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Cannon's Jug Stompers Mule Get Up In The Alley / Walk Right In Victor 38611 G crk $99.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Jimmie Rodgers Blue Yodel No. 4 / Waiting For A Train Victor 40014 G++   $6.99Venerable Music Consignments 2
THERON HALE & DAUGHTERS Turkey Gobbler/Listen to the Mocking Bird Victor 40019 VG   $13.00Blaesing COuntry Collection
Uncle Eck Dunford Old Shoes and Leggin's / Angeline, The Baker Victor 40060 E :: VG++   $19.99Minerva Records Consignments
HERSHALL BROWN WASHBOARD BAND SHANGHI RAG / LIBERTY-Breakdown Victor 40070 VG+ :: VG+ ltstr $29.99Garoncollection
Bessie Weisman / Michal Michalesko Where is my Yokel? / You Can't Bluff Me Victor 73743 VG+   $4.00Pure Shellac
Enrico Caruso A Vucchella Victor 87304 VG++   $4.00Pure Shellac
Charles Brook / Polka Orchestra Der Fuehrer's Face / Helena Polka Victory 1001 VG+   $8.00Pure Shellac
John McCormack Keep the Home-Fires Burning ('Til the Boys Come Home) Victrola 64696 E   $4.00Pure Shellac
Alma Gluck - Paul Reimers Silent Night, Holy Night Victrola 87544 E-   $4.00Pure Shellac
Victoria Spivey Witchcraft Blues - Unissued Vinyl Master Pressing Vocalion C-1970-2 E   $39.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Blind Joe Taggart Take Your Burden To The Lord (-49) / Just Beyond Jordan (-53) - Shellac Test Vocalion 1061 E- :: VG++ grn ,  stog $124.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Edward W. Clayborn Let That Lie Alone (-34) / Jesus Will Make It All Right (-43) Vocalion 1093 VG++ :: E-   $89.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Rev. A. W. Nix Black Diamond Express To Hell - Parts 1 & 2 Vocalion 1098 VG+/VG grn ,  sld $9.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Jim Jackson Kansas City Blues - Parts 1 & 2 Vocalion 1144 VG+ grgrvs $69.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Rev. A. W. Nix Robbing God / Your Time Is Out Vocalion 1157 VG+ pdig $19.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Edward W. Clayborn A Letter From Father / Men Don't Forget Your Wives For Your Sweetheart Vocalion 1163 VG+/VG :: VG   $89.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Jim Jackson I'm Gonna Start Me A Graveyard Of My Own / I'm A Bad Bad Man Vocalion 1164 VG   $29.99Venerable Music Consignments 2
Rev. A. W. Nix Begin A New Life On Christmas Day - Parts 1 & 2 Vocalion 1217 VG+ grn $14.99Venerable Music Consignments 2
Alex Hill Tack Head Blues / Stompin' 'Em Down Vocalion 1270 VG/VG- :: VG- grgrvs ,  mld ,  ltscr ,  ltstr $39.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Montana Taylor Indiana Avenue Stomp / Detroit Rocks Vocalion 1419 E- :: VG+ tol $99.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Charley Jordan Hunkie Tunkie Blues / Raidin' Squad Blues Vocalion 1528 VG+ :: VG+/VG ltstr $499.99Venerable Music Consignments 2
Lee Green Pork Chop Blues / Maltese Cat Blues Vocalion 1562 VG+ grn ,  scfs $69.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Leroy Carr & Scrapper Blackwell Big House Blues / New How Long How Long Blues Vocalion 1585 VG/VG- grgrvs ,  npdig ,  rc $19.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Memphis Minnie New Dirty Dozen / New Bumble Bee Vocalion 1618 G+/G   $39.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Tampa Red Black Hearted Blues / Cryin' Shame Blues Vocalion 1623 G npdig ,  rst $9.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Adrian Rollini and his Orchestra A Hundred Years From Today/How Can It Be A Beautiful Day Vocalion 2675 VG+ :: E- grn ,  stog ,  wdm $7.95Rare78s
Nye Mayhew and his Orchestra This Is Our Last Night Together/Baby Take A Bow Vocalion 2691 VG++ :: VG++ grn ,  scfs ,  stog ,  tol $9.95Rare78s
Amos Easton The New B & O Blues / Busy Devil Vocalion 02713 VG- rst $8.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Texas Alexander Easy Rider Blues / Justice Blues Vocalion 02856 VG+/VG crk ,  grgrvs $79.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Riley Puckett Ida Red / Sally Goodwin Vocalion 02940 VG+ scfs ,  tol $5.99Minerva Records Consignments
Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra Got No Blues/West End Blues Vocalion 3204 E+/E   $24.95Rare78s
Fletcher Henderson and His Orchestra Blue Lou/Christopher Columbus Vocalion 3211 E+/E   $19.95Rare78s
Washboard Sam Mama Don't Allow No. 1 / Who Pumped The Wind In My Doughnut Vocalion 03275 E- :: VG++   $14.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Mitchell's Christian Singers Hide Me Oh Lord / I Swore To The Lord Vocalion 03279 VG++ grn ,  scfs $8.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Mitchell's Christian Singers We Want To Have A Talk With Jesus / Walkin' With My Savior Vocalion 03318 E/E- :: E   $8.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Big Bill Broonzy Play Your Mind / Somebody's Got To Go Vocalion 03400 VG grgrvs $8.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Carolina Cotton Pickers Off and On Blues / 'Deed I Do Vocalion 3580 E   $10.00Pure Shellac
Lil Johnson When I Can Get It / Broken Hearted Blues Vocalion 03710 VG+ grn $9.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Robert Johnson Stones In My Passway / I'm A Steady Rollin' Man Vocalion 03723 E+/E crk $1,199.00Roger Misiewicz Collection
Black Boy Shine Coal Woman Blues / Sail On Little Girl No. 3 Vocalion 03757 VG+ grn ,  tol $19.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Curtis Jones Blues And Trouble / My Baby's Getting Buggish Vocalion 03953 VG+/VG :: VG+ crk $4.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Mitchell's Christian Singers I Want Somebody To Tell Me / Yes My Lord I Done Done Vocalion 04055 VG/VG- :: VG+ grgrvs $8.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Lil Johnson Snake In The Grass / So Long Babe I'm Gone Vocalion 04067 VG+ flk $8.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
The Casa Loma Orchestra Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet / Alexander's Ragtime Band Vocalion 4258 VG   $1.99Really Old Records
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