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Image Artist SongTitle Label Number Grade Defects Min.Bid StoreName
Blind Willie Johnson Church I'm Fully Saved Today / The Soul Of A Man Columbia 14582 VG flk ,  grgrvs $149.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Skillet Lickers Ya Gotta Quit Kickin' My Dog Aroun' / Turkey In The Straw Columbia 15084 VG+ lam $6.99Minerva Records Consignments
Skillet Lickers Alabama Jubilee / Don't You Hear Jerusalem Moan Columbia 15104 VG+/VG   $8.99Minerva Records Consignments
BUSH BROTHERS Music in My Soul/On My Way to Jesus Columbia 15157 E bascr ,  slt wrp $9.00Blaesing COuntry Collection
Darby and Tarlton The Hobo Tramp / The Irish Police Columbia 15293 E+/E   $13.99Minerva Records Consignments
BLUE RIDGE MOUNTAIN SINGERS Lorena I'll Remember You Columbia 15550 E+/E   $125.00Blaesing COuntry Collection
Clyde EVANS & Band All Gone Now/How I Got My Gal Columbia 15597 E++   $399.00Blaesing COuntry Collection
Lowe Stokes and His North Georgians Sailing On The Robert E Lee / Row, Row, Row Columbia 15693 E   $19.99Minerva Records Consignments
Clay Everhart / N Carolina Cooper Boys Standing By A Window/Rose with a Broken Stem Columbia 15737 E/E- sld $179.00Blaesing COuntry Collection
Kastancija Menkeliuniute Neveski Vaikina / Ak. Myliu Tave Columbia 16092 VG stog $4.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Wykonala Orkiestra Hultajska Mazur Zagloba / Oberek Bialostocki Columbia 18348 VG+   $9.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Russkyj Orkestr Columbia Kosovo Vals / Videnie Poeta, Vals Columbia 20095 VG+/VG   $4.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Stanley Brothers The White Dove / Gathering Flowers For the Master's Bouquet Columbia 20577 VG++   $6.99Minerva Records Consignments
Joe Maphis Guitar Rock and Roll / Tennessee Two Step Columbia 21518 VG++ lam ,  tol ,  wol $5.00Pure Shellac
Meade Lux Lewis Bear Cat Crawl / Shout For Joy Columbia 35961 VG+/VG tol $4.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Josh White Glory To His Name / King Jesus Knows I'm Comin' Columbia 36202 E :: E+/E wol $6.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Cab Calloway and his Orchestra Lordy / The Moment I Laid Eyes On You Columbia 36751 E-   $4.00Pure Shellac
Mitchell's Christian Singers Lead Me On / Jesus Is Everything To Me Columbia 37480 E+/E wol $8.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Billie Holiday Until The Real Thing Comes Along / I Cover The Waterfront Columbia 37493 VG++ :: E-   $10.00Pure Shellac
Erroll Garner Fine and Dandy / Sophisticated Lady Columbia 39615 VG++   $5.00Pure Shellac
Louis Prima and His Orchestra Boney Bones / The Bigger The Figure Columbia 39735 VG++   $4.00Pure Shellac
Tony Bennett Rags To Riches / Here Comes That Heartache Again Columbia 40048 E- tol $5.00Pure Shellac
Tony Bennett Close Your Eyes / It's Too Soon To Know Columbia 40427 E-   $5.00Pure Shellac
C. & M. A. Gospel Quintette So May You / Jesus Will Columbia Personal Record 77-P E lam $14.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Mr. & Mrs. Floyd H. Lacy The Devil's No Relation At All / Calling Thee Columbia Personal Record 96-P VG++ :: E-   $14.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Peetie Wheatstraw The Rising Sun Blues / King Of Spades Conqueror 9028 VG-   $7.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Rev. Benny Campbell You Must Be Born Again / Have Mercy On Me Conqueror 9772 E/E-   $9.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Trummie Young and His Lucky Seven Behind the Eight Bar / Rattle and Roll Cosmo 901 VG+   $4.00Pure Shellac
DARBY & TARLTON Lets Be Friends /Take Vacation in Heaven (F Luther) CQ 8170 E   $29.00Blaesing COuntry Collection
Frank Luther Massa'a In De Cold Cold Ground / Nelly Bly-Hard Times Come Again No More-Oh! Susanna Decca 2000 VG+   $4.00Pure Shellac
Turner Parrish / Charlie Segar Trenches / Boogie Woogie Decca 3832 E- grn $14.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Ink Spots I Don't Want To Set The Wor;ld On Fire / Hey Doc Decca 3987 VG/VG- ltscr $10.00Pure Shellac
Jimmie Davis By The Grave Of Nobody's Darling / In The West Where Life Is Free Decca 5477 VG+/VG   $4.00Pure Shellac
Jimmie Davis You Tell Me Your Dream, I'll Tell You Mine / Don't Break Her Heart Boy Decca 5627 VG   $5.00Pure Shellac
Jimmie Gordon Black Gal Blues (What Makes Your Head So Hard) / Gone Gal Blues Decca 7043 E/E- :: E- grn ,  pdig $9.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Mound City Jubilee Quartette Let That Liar Alone / The Seven Seas (John The Revelator) Decca 7058 VG+ ltscr $8.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Kokomo Arnold I'll Be Up Some Day / Sundown Blues Decca 7172 E- scfs ,  tol $39.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Connie McLean's Rhythm Boys I Can't Use That Thing / Rockin' My Troubles Decca 7175 VG+/VG grn $8.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Jimmie Gordon Sweet Jelly Rollin' / Baker Man Decca 7207 E+/E :: E grn $14.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Harlem Hamfats Who Done It? / She's Trickin' Me Decca 7274 VG+   $8.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Sleepy John Estes Married Woman Blues / Drop Down Mama Decca 7289 VG+/VG grgrvs $69.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Hallelujah Joe McCoy The Main Key To Heaven (90002-A) / Twenty Minutes In Hell (90003-A) Decca 7302 VG+/VG :: VG+ grn ,  grgrvs $9.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Black Ivory King Gingham Dress (Alexander Blues) / Match Box Blues Decca 7355 E- grn ,  sld $14.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Wingy Mannone Up The Country / Shake That Thing Decca 7366 VG- mld $4.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Roosevelt Sykes Let Me Hang My Stocking In Your Christmas Tree / Love Lease Blues Decca 7381 E/E- mod wrp $8.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Harlem Hamfats Toodle Oo Blues / You Got To Be Satisfied Decca 7406 VG++ :: VG/VG- grgrvs $7.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Harlem Hamfats I'd Rather Be With You / Time's A-Wastin' Decca 7454 E   $8.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Rosetta Howard with The Harlem Hamfats Stay On It / How Long Baby (Will You Keep Me This Way) Decca 7459 VG+ grn $7.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Spartunburg Famous Four John Don't You Write No More / Anybody In Heaven That You Know Decca 7478 VG+/VG :: VG+ grgrvs $8.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
Bill Gaither New Pains In My Heart / Do Like I Want To Do Decca 7512 E/E- grn $8.99Roger Misiewicz Collection
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