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Image Artist SongTitle Label Number Grade Defects Min.Bid StoreName
Arthur Collins The Preacher and The Bear Columbia 3146 G+ :: See Description   $10.0078 Reasons
John McGhee / David Miller The Preacher & The Bear / Give My Love To Nellie, Jack Challenge 392 VG/VG- :: VG- grn ,  pdig $4.99Venerable Music
Clayton McMichen & Dan Hornsby The Original Arkansas Traveler - Parts 1 & 2 Columbia 15253 VG++ :: E- pdig ,  ndr $9.99Venerable Music
Len & Joe Higgins The Old White Muile / Slippery Elm Tree Columbia 15354 VG+ stog ,  mod wrp $6.99Venerable Music
Golden Melody Boys The Old Tobacco Mill / The Cross Eyed Butcher Paramount 3068 VG+ mod wrp $19.99Venerable Music
Rudy Vallee The Old Sow Song / With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm Bluebird 7078 VG+ :: VG++ stog $5.99Venerable Music
Famous Ward Singers The Old Rugged Cross / Wasn't It A Pity How They Punished My Lord Savoy 4024 E- :: VG++   $8.99Venerable Music
A'nt Idy Harper / Coon Creek Girls The Old Apple Tree / Lulu Wall Vocalion 04203 VG- :: VG grgrvs ,  mld $7.99Venerable Music
Vernon Dalhart The Miami Storm / Kinnie Wagner's Surrender Vocalion 5000 VG++   $5.99Venerable Music
Don Weston The Maple On the Hill Is Gone / Old Pal Why Don't You Answer Me Decca 5421 VG+ mld ,  wol $5.99Speed Demon
Sam Lanin And His Famous Players The Man I Love/Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella Okeh 40977 VG+/VG grgrvs ,  scfs $6.95Rare78s
Rambling Red Foley The Lone Cowboy/Single Life Is Good Enough For Me Oriole 8237 VG+/VG grgrvs ,  ltstr $4.95Rare78s
Ernest Thompson The Little Rosebud Casket / In The Baggage Coach Ahead Harmony 5124 E+   $8.99Venerable Music
Alma Gluck / and Orpheus Quartet The Little Old Cabin In The Lane Victrola 64809 See Description :: See Description   $5.0078 Reasons
Bradley Kincaid The Little Mohee / Pearl Bryan Champion 15731 VG grn ,  scfs ,  ltscr ,  stog $3.99Venerable Music
Vernon Dalhart The Lightning Express / The Letter Edged in Black Victor 19837 VG+ ltscr $4.00Pure Shellac
Bert Williams The Lee Family / I'm Gone Before I Go Columbia A2078 VG++   $8.99Venerable Music
The Four Jacks The Last Of The Good Rocking Men / I'll Be Home Again Federal 12087 VG++ :: VG++   $35.0078 Reasons
Goebel Reeves The Last Letter / The Cowboy's Dream Romeo 5037 E- :: VG++ npdig $6.99Venerable Music
Jimmie Rodgers The Land Of My Boyhood Dreams / Memphis Yodel Montgomery Ward 4450 E+ :: E-   $8.99Venerable Music
Fats Waller & his Rhythm The Jitterbug Waltz/Abdullah Victor 20-2639 VG++ :: VG++ scfs $5.99WBCF Records
Guitar Red The Hot Potato / Chili Pot Excello 2085 E-   $16.99Speed Demon
Fiddlin' John Carson & Moonshine Kate The Honest Farmer / Taxes On The Farmer Feeds Them All Montgomery Ward 4849 VG+/VG :: VG+ grgrvs ,  ltstr $9.99Venerable Music
Rev. F. W. McGee The Holy City / Rock Of Ages, With Scripture Lesson Victor 21205 VG grgrvs ,  ltstr $9.99Venerable Music
Vaughan Quartet The Happy Jubilee / A Happy Meeting Vaughan 1550 VG/VG- grn ,  sld $4.99Venerable Music
Nicola Paone / E La Sus Chitarra The Grocery Man / I Love Ballare With You Columbia 15153-F VG+ :: VG+/VG   $5.0078 Reasons
Rev. H. R. Jelks The Gospel Of Jesus Christ - Parts 3 & 4 Chess 43 VG scfs ,  ltscr ,  dpscr $4.99Venerable Music
Woodland Inn Trio The Glow-Worm / Skaters Waltz Champion 15335 VG+ grn $3.99Venerable Music
Julia Lee And Her Boy Friends The Glory Of Love / Take It Or Leave It Capitol 57-70006 VG :: VG   $5.0078 Reasons
Delmore Brothers The Frozen Girl / Bury Me Out On The Prairie Montgomery Ward 4458 E- grn ,  stog $8.99Venerable Music
Buchanan and Goodman The Flying Saucer Pts 1 & 2 Luniverse 101 VG+/VG :: VG+   $5.00Pure Shellac
Buchanan and Goodman The Flying Saucer Part 1&2 Luniverse 101 VG+ grgrvs ,  scfs ,  ltscr $5.95Rare78s
Milton Brown & His Brownies The Eyes Of Texas / The Wheel Of The Wagon Is Broken Decca 5209 VG+ :: VG++ grgrvs $5.99Venerable Music
Ernest V. Stoneman The Dying Girl's Farewell / Sinful To Flirt Okeh 40384 VG+   $9.99Venerable Music
Bob Wills The Devil Ain't Lazy/Bob Wills Schottische Columbia 20458 E+ flk $8.00Basement Archive
Gene Autry The Death Of Jimmie Rodgers / The Life Of Jimmie Rodgers Perfect 12922 VG+ :: VG+/VG grn $5.99Venerable Music
Amos & Andy The Dairy / At The Bull-Fight Victor 22234 VG+ grn ,  stog $5.99Venerable Music
Smilin' Ed McConnell / Carter Family The Church Of Long Ago / Where We'll Never Grow Old Montgomery Ward 4349 VG+ grn $7.99Venerable Music
Walter Smith The Cat's Got The Measels, The Dog's Got The Whooping Cough / Old Johnny Bucker Won't Do Supertone 9407 VG   $9.99Venerable Music
Eddy Arnold The Cattle Call / Each Minute Seems A Million Years Bluebird 33-0527 VG+/VG chd $2.99Venerable Music
Ernest Hare The Bowery Bums/The Bums Rush Velvet Tone 1740-V VG+ scfs ,  bascr $4.00Basement Archive
Carolina Twins (warp requires added weight) The Boarding House Bells Are Ringing / One Dark and Rainy Night Victor 21575 E+ mod wrp $12.99Speed Demon
George LeMaire & Rex Van The Black Jacks - Parts 1 & 2 Victor 21054 E- grn $8.99Venerable Music
Georgia Crackers The Bible On The Table And The Flag Upon The Wall RCA Victor 21-0016 E- :: E/E- scfs ,  ltscr $4.99Venerable Music
Al Trace / And His Orchestra The Barnyard Ball / The Goat Song Bullet A-5000 VG+/VG :: VG+/VG   $5.0078 Reasons
Otis Williams & His New Group That's Your Mistake / Too Late I Learned De Luxe 6091 VG :: VG+/VG grn ,  grgrvs ,  scfs ,  ltscr $4.99Venerable Music
Jimmie Davis That's Why I'm Nobody's Darling/Prairie Of Love Decca 5336 VG+ grgrvs $4.00Basement Archive
Marty Robbins That's All Right / Gossip Columbia 21351 VG lam ,  scfs ,  ltscr $3.99Venerable Music
Curly Hicks / And HIs Taproom Boys That's A Plenty / Allah's Holiday Decca B-10922 VG :: VG sld $5.0078 Reasons
Riley Puckett That Old Irish Mother Of Mine / When Irish Eyes Are Smiling Bluebird 8144 VG+   $8.99Venerable Music
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