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Image Artist SongTitle Label Number Grade Defects Min.Bid StoreName
Frankie Marvin Oklahoma, Land Of The Sunny West / Yodeling Them Blues Away Conqueror 7424 VG- rst ,  ltstr $4.99Venerable Music
Frankie Marvin Slu Foot Lou / Stay Away From My Chicken House Conqueror 7452 VG :: VG/VG- grgrvs $4.99Venerable Music
Ernest Stoneman Pass Around the Bottle / Bully of the Town Conqueror 7755 VG+ rst ,  scfs $3.99Minerva Records Consignments
Welling & McGhee Trio Don't Grieve Your Mother / A Flower From My Angel Mother's Grave Conqueror 7830 VG   $4.99Venerable Music
Chubby Parker In Kansas / My Little Old Sod Shanty On The Claim Conqueror 7894 VG++ :: VG+ grgrvs $14.99Venerable Music
Cliff Carlisle Shanghai Rooster Yodel / Going Back To Alabama Conqueror 7937 VG++ ltstr $9.99Venerable Music
Blue Ridge Mountain Entertainers Washington and Lee Swing / Goodnight Waltz Conqueror 7942 E   $10.00Pure Shellac
Carlisle & Ball Dear Old Daddy / Memories That Make Me Cry Conqueror 7968 VG+ grn ,  grgrvs $8.99Venerable Music
Tex Ritter Everyday In The Saddle / Good-Bye, Old Paint Conqueror 8073 VG+ grgrvs ,  pdig ,  slt wrp $7.99Venerable Music
Fiddling Doc Roberts Trio Over The Waves / Ninety-Nine Years Conqueror 8078 VG++   $8.99Venerable Music
Cliff Carlisle & Fred Kirby My Lonely Boyhood Days / My Little Pal Conqueror 8139 VG+ :: VG+/VG grn ,  stog $7.99Venerable Music
Martin & Roberts Hang Down Your Head And Cry / Low Down Hanging Around Conqueror 8207 VG/VG- grgrvs ,  ltstr $7.99Venerable Music
Cliff Carlisle Ramblin' Jack / Wreck Of The No. 52 Conqueror 8228 VG+/VG ltstr $5.99Venerable Music
Bill Cox When The Women Get In Power / Barefoot Boy With Boots On Conqueror 8231 VG grgrvs $8.99Venerable Music
Carlisle Brothers Where Romance Calls / Looking For Tomorrow Conqueror 8332 VG++ :: E- grn ,  grgrvs $8.99Venerable Music
Callahan Brothers Gonna Quit My Rowdy Ways / She's Killing Me Conqueror 8334 VG++   $8.99Venerable Music
Frank Luther Trio Crime Does Not Pay / Outlaw John Dillinger Conqueror 8385 VG+/VG :: VG+ grgrvs $7.99Venerable Music
Bill Cox N. R. A. Blues / Hard Luck Blues Conqueror 8392 G eld $2.99Venerable Music
Frank Luther Trio The Last Of The 21 Year Prisoner /The Old Family Doctor Conqueror 8395 G++   $3.99Venerable Music
Callahan Family Lord I'm Coming Home / If I could Only Hear My mother Pray Again Conqueror 8404 VG+ grgrvs $3.99Minerva Records Consignments
Ray Whitley Pretty Boy Floyd / Singin' A Song In Sing Sing Conqueror 8436 VG- :: VG grgrvs ,  pdig $5.99Venerable Music
Carter Family Can The Circle Be Unbroken / Glory To The Lamb Conqueror 8529 E+/E   $9.99Venerable Music
Carter Family Don't Forget Me Little Darling / Gathering Flowers From The Hillside Conqueror 8636 VG+ grn ,  grgrvs $8.99Venerable Music
Carlisle Brothers On The Lone Prairie / The Bunch Of Cactus On The Wall Conqueror 8642 E :: E- grn $9.99Venerable Music
Lew Childre Hang Out Your Front Door Key / It Don't Do Nothing But Rain Conqueror 8657 VG++ grn $8.99Venerable Music
Lew Childre It Don't Do Nothing But Rain / Hang Out Your Front Door Key Conqueror 8657 VG+ grn $4.99Upstairs 78s
Roy Acuff & His Smoky Mountain Boys One Old Shirt / Honky Tonky Mammas Conqueror 9257 VG+ grgrvs $8.99Venerable Music
Brownie McGhee I'm Callin' Daisy / Back Door Stranger Conqueror 9766 E/E- :: E   $14.99Venerable Music
Adrian Schubert How Deep Is The Ocean? / Same Old Moon Crown 3388 E- grn $7.99Venerable Music
Walter Feldkamp and his Manor Orchestra Hold Me / The Grass is Alway's Greener Crown 3482 VG++ sld $7.00Stephen's Shellac
Lew Stone and his Band Isle of Capri / Serenade For A Weathy Widow Decca 247 E/E-   $4.00Pure Shellac
Charles Newman Satan Takes A Holiday / Swamp Fire Decca 2896 VG++ grn $8.99Venerable Music
Cleo Brown / Albert Ammons Pinetop's Boogie Woogie / Boogie Woogie Stomp Decca 3386 VG++ scfs ,  bascr $4.95Circa's 78s
Jimmie Davis When It's Round-Up Time In Heaven / Nobody's Darlin' But Mine Decca 5090 VG grn ,  sld $4.99Venerable Music
Leo Soileau's Four Aces Corrine Corrina (Where You Stayed Last Night) / Nobody's Business If I Do Decca 5101 VG :: VG+/VG grn ,  pdig ,  ltscr $9.99Venerable Music
Carter Family Lay My Head Beneath The Rose - Vinyl Master Pressing Decca 5283 - 61147 E+   $8.99Venerable Music
Carter Family When This Evening Sun Goes Down / Jim Blake's Message Decca 5467 E- :: VG++ grn $8.99Venerable Music
Carter Family Goodbye To The Plains - Vinyl Master Pressing Decca 5532 - 62300 E++   $8.99Venerable Music
Carter Family Young Freda Bolt / Who's That Knockin' On My Window Decca 5612 E/E- stog $8.99Venerable Music
Carter Family Just A Few More Days / Little Joe Decca 5632 E/E-   $8.99Venerable Music
Carter Family St. Regious Girl / Bring Back My Boy Decca 5649 E- grn $8.99Venerable Music
Carter Family Cuban Soldier - Vinyl Master Pressing Decca 5662 - 64093 E++   $8.99Venerable Music
Clayton McMichen's Georgia Wildcats Jesse James / Dream Train Decca 5710 VG+ grn $7.99Venerable Music
Clayton McMichen's Georgia Wildcats Don't Trouble Me / I'm Ridin' The Trail Back Home Decca 5714 VG+ grn $7.99Venerable Music
Cliff Carlisle's Buckle Busters Far Beyond The Starry Sky / The Unclouded Day Decca 5716 VG++ :: E/E- grn ,  stog $7.99Venerable Music
Cliff Carlisle Makes No Difference What Life May Bring / Black Jack David Decca 5732 VG+ grn ,  grgrvs $7.99Venerable Music
Delmore Brothers Silver Dollar / There's Trouble On The Mind Today Decca 5878 VG+/VG :: VG/VG- grn ,  stog $4.99Venerable Music
Ernest Tubb I Ain't Gonna Love You Anymore / My Baby And My Wife Decca 5900 E/E- grn ,  slt wrp $4.99Venerable Music
Delmore Brothers When It's Time For The Whip-Poor-Will To Sing / Will You Be Lonesome Too? Decca 5925 VG+/VG grgrvs $5.99Venerable Music
Ernest Tubb I Cared For You More Than I Knew / Swell San Angelo Decca 5938 VG+   $4.99Venerable Music
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